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The players become farmers who will plant and pick fruit on their Fruit Island and trade them with Market Island.

The goal is to collect a set of Market Cards and claim a title from one of the 4 districts of Market Island.

Turn overview

Planting Seeds

Choose one Farm, pick up all the Seeds and, clockwise, redistribute 1 Seed onto each of the next spaces, until no more Seeds are left in your hand.

Note: There may be rare situation at the start of a player's turn, where the player has no Seeds left on any of their Farm Cards (all Seeds are on the Harvest House and Storage).

In that case, that player takes 3 Seeds from their Storage (or Harvest House if there are not enough seeds in the Storage).

Then, starting clockwise from the Farm right of the Harvest House, the player redistributes 1 Seed to each of the first 3 Farm Cards and ends their turn.

Active Farm

The last Farm you put a Seed on becomes your Active Farm for this turn. Now choose either Water plants or Collect Market Card (automatically chooses to water plants if your harvest house doesn’t have enough seeds for the cost of the market card.)

If the Harvest House is the Active Farm, they plant Seeds again. A player cannot pass their turn.

Water plants or Collect a Market Card

Water plants

Take Seeds from your Storage equal to the number of fruit or Raindrops depicted on your Active Farm and add them to the Active Farm. (You must do this if you do not have enough seeds in your Harvest House to purchase the fruit in the market that matches your active farm.)

Collect a Market Card

Collect a Market Card depicting the same fruit as your Active Farm: only if you have enough seeds in from your Harvest House equal to the total price of the Market Card (fruits on card plus seeds shown on market stall). Seeds from Harvest House and active farm are returned to your Storage.

All Seeds on the Active Farm must be returned to the Storage as well.

Next player's turn

After a player's turn, The next player in order starts their turn.

Game end

Check if you have collected one of the 4 sets of Market Cards.

If yes, the game ends after every player has had the same number of turns.

Victory conditions

  • Family: A pair and three of a kind
  • Monopolists: Four of a kind
  • Lovers: Three distinct pairs
  • Merchants: All five different kinds

If after game end trigger, multiple players complete sets, the tie breakers are:

  • Most fruits depicted on market cards, then
  • Most seeds on Farm Cards and Harvest House, then
  • If still equal, all tied players win.


Small children variation

Don't use the Market Island Board.

From the Market Card deck, reveal the first three cards to be used as the Market. The price for each Market Card will simply be the number of fruit depicted on it.

The game ends when any player buys 5 Market Cards.

Random setup variation

Instead of every player copying the same Farm Card configuration as the starting player, every player shuffles their Farm Cards and lays down the cards randomly on their Fruit Island Board.

Solo mode


Make a Market Card deck with only 5 different Market Cards (one card from each fruit) in it. Draw the top card of the deck and lay it face up on the table.


There is only one Market Card available for you to collect at any one time.

In order to collect it, you must pay its price (number of fruit on the card) plus any remaining Seeds that may be in your Harvest House.

All the Seeds from your Harvest House are never used again in the game.

The seeds on the Active Farm still go back to the storage.

Then, draw the next card from the top of the Market Card deck and the game continues.

Game end

The game ends with one of the following three conditions.

  • There are no Seeds left in the Storage.
  • There are no Seeds on your fruit Farms, only in the Harvest House.
  • You collected all five Market Cards.

If you collected all five Market Cards, you've won! If not, try again!