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This is a co-operative game in which the players collectively need to win within 6 rounds or less, by sequestering more carbon than they produce and then surviving that round's crises.

Start of game

Players each start as a particular region/faction, each with their own starting values and starting projects. During the game, players can strengthen their projects by adding/stacking cards on their projects.

The goal is to decrease emissions to meet the current sequestered amount. Having too many communities in crisis, too high a temperature, or taking too many rounds can cause game loss.

Stages in a Round

The following stage headings below are followed each round. See each section for what that stage includes.

Global Stage

Draw new crisis cards, putting one face up and others face down. The amount put out is listed next to the current level on the Thermometer.

Draw 2 Global Project cards, pick one as a group to keep, and discard the other. If there's already 4 Global Projects out, then discard down to 4 as well.

Local Stage

Each player draws 5 cards and reveals them. Players take actions at the same time, using these cards to interact with their card stacks in a few ways.

Start a Local Project

This action allows you to play a new card on top of a pre-existing stack. When this happens, the ability of the old card is no longer available, but its symbols remain. (You don't have to meet a card's requirements to play the card, only use to it.)

Take a Local Action

This allows you to use the top ability in a stack. Some cards become stronger, the more of a particular symbol is in their stack, and some cards requires certain symbols to be in the card's stack in order to use it.

You may use the top action in the Local Stage as many times as you can, even coming back to it later, up to limits on the card. (The game will track this for you, using carbon cubes.)

Note you can use a project's action, cover the old project with a new one, then use the new project's action in the same turn. This allows you to take several actions in one turn with the same stack.

Support a Card

You can tuck a card behind an existing project to simply contribute its symbols. This can be used on Local, Global, and/or Crisis cards. On Local cards, it may make the action stronger. On Global cards, it helps unlock the ability. On Crisis cards, it will reduce or cancel the effect.

Emissions Stage

Check energy demand and emissions

First, if any player's Energy Demand is less than their Total Energy count (Clean + Dirty), they must take Community in Crisis Tokens equal to the difference.

Then each player adds carbon cubes to the main board equal to their Dirty Energy + Emissions, (This is unaffected by meeting or failing to meet your Energy Demand.)

Finally, remove one cube per Tree, Ocean, and Direct Air Capture token present from the board -- this is the sequestered amount.

Check for Drawdown

If you can't remove enough carbon cubes (there are more Tree, Ocean, and Direct Air Capture tokens than carbon cubes just added), then "Drawdown" occurs, meaning you just need to survive this round's crises and you win. Take whatever cubes you couldn't remove from the thermometer instead.

Otherwise if Drawdown did not trigger, add any remaining cubes to the thermometer. The Thermometer is filled bottom to top, left to right -- one column per player (for example, in a 3 player game, the rightmost space each row will be empty).

Note each Thermometer space has room for 5 Carbon Cubes, stacked like a pyramid. When a row is completely filled (i.e. 5/10/15/20 Carbon Cubes) the cubes are wiped off and replaced with a Temperature Band. More temperature bands means more dice rolls, more hazards, and possibly stronger crisis effects. (If you complete a row which has more Crisis cards, add a new face down Crisis card to be resolved.)

Crisis Stage

Planetary Die

Roll the Planetary Die once per temperature band, and resolve the dice roll by adding a token to the corresponding row. If this token goes on a tipping point (or the row is already full), an additional hazard occurs:

  • • Change in Major Weather Systems: Draw 2 more Crisis Cards to reveal
  • • Desertification: Remove 1 tree per player
  • • Dieback of the Amazon: Add 1 Carbon Cube per player AND Remove 1 tree per player
  • • Loss of Arctic Sea Ice: Add 2 Carbon Cubes per player DIRECTLY to Thermometer
  • • Thawing Permafrost: Add 2 Carbon Cubes per player
  • • Ocean Acidification: Remove 1 Ocean per player

Crisis Cards

Resolve all Crisis cards in order. Examples of Crisis effects:

  • • All players must discard one card per temperature band (reduced by resilience)
  • • All players gain 1 community in crisis per temperature band (reduced by resilience)
  • • All players lose 1 social resilience
  • • The player with the most pink symbols must discard two cards with them
  • • Passive: Players may not remove dirty energy (tuck to remove this)
  • • Passive: No crisis cards may be revealed/forecast (tuck to remove this)

Resolving Crisis Effects

Resilience can be gained through individual local projects. Note each person reduces the crisis effect individually according to their own resilience. Resilience level is not used up when decreasing a crisis's effect.

If you need to lose a card, token, resilience, and don't have one, take a Community in Crisis token instead.

When adding Community in Crisis tokens, add them left to right, top to bottom. A player with 4 or more will draw 1 fewer Local Card, and a player with 8 or more will draw 2 fewer Local Cards.

When discarding a card from your play area, you may choose any card -- not just the top one, though if you do discard the top one, this will allow the effect just beneath it to be usable.

Growth Stage

If you had achieved the "Drawdown" earlier and didn't lose, then you win!

If not, advance the round tracker (if this was round 6, you lose), Then advance your energy demand based on your society (U.S. & Europe +1, China +2, Majority World +3)

End of Game

Everyone wins during Growth if you reached "Drawdown" and survived the Crisis stage.

Everyone loses if any of the following are reached

  • • The Thermometer reaches (8 Bands)
  • • Any player has 12 or more communities in crisis
  • • You haven't won at the end of round 6 (start of round 7)