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Gain the most gems and avoid to wake the dragon over the course of 3 matches.


Have the most points after 3 matches.

You get points by getting the most gems and not awaking the dragon!



This is split into two parts, the first part is all players announce what they will do one after the other and then each player actually tries to do that action. The four actions are: Dig, Blast, Scare, Leave.

Details on actions

  • Dig: if you are on a treasure, you win it (If it is a Dragon it awakes and the match stops there). Then pick a tunnel card and place it where you are (choose orientation). Then pick and place a treasure card for each end of tunnel.
  • Blast (uses 2 dynamites): try to win 3 treasures cards in one turn. (Can be less if a dragon comes)
  • Leave: go out of the mine (on the stairs). You cannot go back in the mine until the end of the match. You are protected if somebody wokes the dragon.


  • Scare somebody (uses 1 spider): makes the person run to the hall and you take their spot.
  • You start each match with 3 drift sets. You will use one each time you win a treasure card that you placed on the board. If you have no more drift set you cannot dig or blast on treasure cards that you placed.

Distribution of treasure cards

Each color (red, green, purple) contains: 6 gems, 2 dragons, 6 dynamites, 1 spider.

End of match

  • If someone wakes the dragon.
  • If there are no more tunnels tiles to draw.
  • If everyone left the mine. (When the first player leaves the mine, the others have maximum 2 action phases before to leave the mine.)


Of the players out of the mine: 3 points for the player with most gems (4 points if it's the 3rd match), 1 point if tie.

  • Case where the dragon is not awake, all players are considered to have left the mine.
  • Case where the dragon is awake: -2 points for player who woke the dragon, -1 point for players still in the mine. Except if someone wakes their own dragon (with the border of their color) and no one left the room, then -2 points for the dragon awakner, +2 points for the others.


Draw treasure cards, picking a dragon eliminates you. The last player standing wins.

Details: Special BGA

  • The tunnels tiles are bordered with the color of the player who saw and placed them.
  • On top right, there are the number of the current match and the number of remaining tunnels tiles.