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3 City cards

5 "5" cards

6 "6" cards

7 "7" cards

8 "8" cards

7 plus points cards

9 minus points cards


Shuffle all 45 cards. Remove 3 cards from the game randomly. Deal 5 cards to each player as a starting hand. Deal 2 cards face up to the territory line.


Highest score from Influence cards after 4 rounds OR collect 3 City cards for an Instant Win

Turn Basics

Play a card at the end of the central Territory Line


Draw up to 5 Cards from Territory Line in sequence to your area (Once per round). These are the cards which will actually count for scoring.


Rounds end after 6 turns

At which point, each player gains 5 new cards

Start player is passed on


If you have 3 City cards, you win instantly

Otherwise, City cards are worth nothing

Gain points for each number you have taken more of (e.g. the 5 cards are worth 5 points, if you have 3 and opponent has 2, you gain 5 points). Ties are nulled (e.g. 2 5 cards each give 0 points to all)

Gain 5 points per run of 4 (5,6,7,8) ignoring majority wins (e.g. if you lose 5 card majority 2 to 3, but have 5,6,7,8 you still get the 5 point run score)

Positive and Negative cards gain or lose you the points depicted