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Splash Down

At the start of the game, place all your frogs in the 'home' space. This is the tile just before the first pad of the map.

Each Turn

Each then you roll a die; this determines the maximum spaces you can move in any direction. The first place may re-roll on the first turn. Sometimes paths will run parallel to each other, as in the Star Map. In this case, you must always go through the "centre" of the block, and not move around the edges.

You then pick a pad to land on. There are 4 types of pads:

Green Pads: Land here safely Yellow Pads: When land, flip a frog coin; if it lands on tails, you lose a life. Red Pads: Lose a life when you land here. Dark Green: Like green pads, but you cannot dunk a player who is on them. These pads usually have flies, as shown above.

When you land on a pad, you automatically gain the number of flies indicated. It is now in your possession. The flies are then removed from the lilypad and cannot be gained by another player.

You can also land on a pad another player is already on. When this occurs, you may attempt to dunk them.


When you land on the same pad as an existing player, you can choose whether to try to dunk them. If you want to, roll the frog dice. If it's an even number, you can move that far, and they lose a life. If it's odd, you may not move. However, if it's a 1, you lose a life. If you run out of lives holding flies, they FLY back to the location they come from and can once again be claimed by another player. Notes: You must roll for the pad first when attempting a dunk on yellow/red. You may leapfrog even if you lose a life, provided you have not been eliminated. When there are 2 or more people on a pad, you dunk them all! If you are on the pad a fly returns to when someone dies, you must leave it and go back to claim the fly.


Each player starts with 5 lives. Upon running out of lives, a player is eliminated and loses the game without any further actions possible.


Collect flies, and return them to the start point. The winner is the (living) player with the most flies at the end. Once you've returned, you cannot go out again.


In the event that multiple players finish with the same number of flies, then the winner is whoever reached home with the most lives remaining. In the event every player dies or multiple players finish with the same amount of flies and lives the game is a tie.

Optional Rules

An optional rule is Fly Stealing. When this rule is chosen, a player steals a fly set from any opponent they successfully dunk. The fly set is the oldest set they have remaining. (If none have been taken, this is the first set they took) or if you successfully kill another player, you get all their flies.