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Similo is a cooperative game that all players win by identifying (NOT selecting) the secret character.


One player is the clue giver and other players are guessers. The clue giver draws a hand of 5 cards.

A 3x4 grid of cards is dealt out, with one card being highlighted (to the clue giver only!) as the secret character.


The game consists of 5 rounds. At the start of each round, the clue giver plays a card from their hand either vertically (to convey that the secret card has "something similar" to the secret character) or horizontally ("something different"). Then they draw 1 card.

The guessers discuss and decide which cards are not the secret character. They then remove a number of cards (1 first round, 2 second round, 3 third round, 4 fourth round, 1 last round).

If the removed characters are not the secret character, the next round starts. Otherwise, the game ends.

End of the Game

  • If the guessers remove the secret character at any point during the game, all players lose.
  • If the last character remaining is the secret character, all players win.