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  • 7×7 board.
  • 5 light pieces.
  • 5 dark pieces.

Game play

  • Players take turns to move one of their pieces.
  • Pieces have three possible speeds: 1, 2 or 3.
    • Noted by the number of dots next to that piece's starting space.
  • If a piece moves over an opponent's piece, the active piece moves one space further than the opponent's piece, regardless of its speed.
    • The opponent's piece returns to the start or conversion line.
  • A piece that moves to the other side and back to the start line is removed from the game.

Conversion line

  • Pieces that reach the opposite side of the board are converted.
    • The active piece changes direction.
    • The active piece may also change speed:
      • 1 -> 3
      • 2 -> 2
      • 3 -> 1
  • When a piece is sent back, it only moves back to the conversion line.

Game end

  • The first player to move four pieces back to the start line wins.