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This is a Co-operative game across 5 rounds, but should be finished earlier!


At round start, pick a card to exchange with your teammate

A Lead player is selected to start, they can play any card, the teammate must try to play a card of the same colour

Whoever plays the highest value card of the lead colour wins the trick and advances their trick counter

The cards have symbols on them, depending on the pairings you create with your trick different actions may occur

Only 6 pairs depicted on the player aid will perform a specific action

Kraken Damage

Some combos will provoke an attack from the Kraken, as well as moving into a Kraken space

Either way, reveal the top card of the Kraken Deck to its discard pile

If this is the Kraken Card, move the Kraken meeple clockwise on its track, then put the Kraken card at the bottom of the Kraken Deck

If the Kraken Deck only ever contains 1 card (The Kraken Card) or the Kraken meeple reaches the final space, the team loses!

Round End

The round ends when a player wins 4 tricks

The ship takes damage equal to the value of the Kraken meeple

Advance the round tracker and reduce the trick count to 0

Shuffle all player cards to start the new round

Sailing Hazards

There are three hazards on the map

Islands - The ship cannot move on to these spaces

Kraken - The ship may move on to these, but takes damage

The Great Unknown - The ship cannot move off the edges of the map

Game End

If the players reach the End token on the map, they win!

If the players have not reached the End token by end of Round 5, they lose!

If the players have not passed the First Storm by end of Round 2, they lose!

If the players have not passed the Second Storm by end of Round 4, they lose!

If the Kraken Deck only has one card (The Kraken Card), they lose!

If the Kraken Meeple moves into the Dead space, they lose!

If the win condition and a lose condition happen at the same time, they win!