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The game lasts 11 rounds


The turn comprises of 7 steps

First, refill the inn to 5 cards

Second, move all cards from Stock into Accolades

Third, take two cards from the Inn display into your hand

Fourth, place a single card following placement rules

Fifth, place the other hand card into your Stock

Sixth, potentially trigger actions

Seventh, if you have any you may add a trophy to a card

Placement Rules

For step 4, you will be placing a single card on your Wall to an empty location

If you can't follow ANY placement rules, pick a card to place facedown somewhere instead

The Wall is divided up into Friezes

If a Frieze has a cross through '=' then all the cards in that Frieze must be unique (or hidden)

If a Frieze has a round number on it, its effects trigger if a card is played to it in that round

The Frieze with the cup, if played to in the first 4 rounds, lets you upgrade your Cartouche with the new banner (from 4 to 7)

The Frieze with the four tokens can be completed by round 6, if 3 cards are played there by then, which gains you the four tokens and a penalty token

The Frieze with multiple round options (1-2, 3-4, 5-6) gains you a reward based on the round you played to it, which gains you either a number of Trophies or a wild token

Action Triggering

Once you have cards played on the top row, you have the chance to trigger extra actions

Each space shows you what action will happen if you are able to trigger it

To trigger it, the card you put to your stock in step 6 must match a card in the top row


For step 7, you can place a single Trophy if you have any

A Trophy can only be placed on cards in the 1st or 3rd row, and a card can be given multiple Trophies on different turns

If you place it on the 1st row, you get to trigger one of the actions as long as you did not already trigger that same action in step 6

If you place it on the 3rd row, it will count as an extra card of the same type in your accolades

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 11th round, at which point all Walls will be complete

If anyone is holding a card, this is moved to their Accolades

Reveal all your Accolades and sort them by beings

If you hold a Wild Token, place it on either a card on your Wall or a card in your Accolades and declare the attribute it will represent

Red Trophies are negative points, each card that matches this in your Accolades loses you this many points

Each Accolade card matching a Wall card next to a gold Trophy gains that many points, as well as any Trophies added to it

The wall card next to the plus symbol gives 10 points if you have the most accolades of that type

Facedown Wall cards lose you 5 points

2 points per chosen attribute, regardless of being

4 or 7 points for each set of 5 unique attributes, regardless of being

Three of a kind in the allocated Frieze, score 5 points

Lose 1 point for each copy of an attribute you have the least of, this could be 0

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the player with less cards in their Accolades wins!