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Be the first to win 2 rounds


On your turn, you either place a tile face up, place a tile face down, or pass

If you place face up, the tile goes into an empty space orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to another tile within the boundaries of a 5x5 grid and you draw 2 new tiles

If you place face down, you still show the tile first to ensure it beats the tile you then cover with it. Tiles are beaten in traditional rock-scissors-paper-rock, you do NOT draw new tiles

If you legitimately can't place, or have no tiles in hand, you can pass to draw 2 tiles

Round End

A round ends when a player has three tiles in a row either orthogonal or diagonal, with all three either face up or face down, not mixed

If no more tiles can be played, and the above criteria cannot be met, then the player with the most visible tiles wins the round

Game End

If at the end of a round, this is a player's second victory, they immediately win!