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Gain the most points before the full moon


On your turn, take any two actions, or take the same action twice

How powerful an action is, is determined by your attributes which can be upgraded though the Build Den action

All actions are paid for by flipping terrain tiles, which change what other actions you may or may not have access to

If you have them, Bonus Terrain Tokens count as wild Terrain to use during payment, whilst Bonus Action Tokens give you additional actions on your turn


The actions are:


Build Dens

Upgrade Den



Hunting (Automatic)


Flip a terrain tile matching where you want to move to, the destination

Move a distance based on your Pack Speed, tiles moved over do NOT have to match the flipped tile

Any number of wolves may be moved this way up to your Pack Spread value, and can end up on different tiles as long as they share the same terrain as the original flipped one

Movement also comes with certain restrictions: The Central Chasm and Water Sources cannot be moved on or through, spaces with active lone wolf or prey tokens can be moved through but not landed on, each space can hold a maximum of 2 pieces, an Alpha Wolf ending its move sharing a space with an opponent Pack Wolf pushes the opponent Pack wolf to an adjacent empty or friendly space, an Alpha Wolf or Pack Wolf can share a space with an opponent Den

Build Dens

First pick a hex that is occupied by or adjacent to one of your Alpha Wolves

Flip TWO terrain tiles that match the space you want to build

Pick an Attribute Track of your choice and take the next Den marker to form the Den (this also therefore increases your abilities in one area)

Restrictions: A Den can't be placed on a space with an opponent Pack Wolf, A Den can't be placed with another Den or a Lair, if you desire to upgrade your Den later it has to be placed next to a Water Source

Upgrade Den

Pick a space that contains one of your Dens, is occupied by or adjacent to one of your Alpha Wolves, AND is adjacent to a Water Source

Flip TWO terrain tiles that match the space

Move the Den to the next space on the Moonlight Board

Place the next Lair from your board which reveals some benefits

Restrictions: You can only have ONE Lair per region, if the upgraded Den had opponent Pack Wolves or Alpha Wolves they are pushed out to adjacent empty or friendly space


Based on your Howl Range, pick a Lone Wolf which is within it from your Alpha Wolf

Flip TWO terrain tiles which match the Lone Wolf's space

Put the Lone Wolf on the next space of the Moonlight Board

Take the next Pack Wolf and place it on the space the Lone Wolf came from


Based on your Howl Range, pick an opponent Den or Pack Wolf which is within range from your Alpha Wolf

Flip THREE terrain tiles which match the opponent's piece's space

Place the opponent piece on the Moonlight Board

Place the same piece of yours on the space theirs came from following any normal placement rules for that type

Restrictions: If there are two pieces of the same opponent in a hex neither can be dominated


First, have wolves in three hexes adjacent to a prey token

This applies automatically and as such is NOT your core action, but only applies after it

Take the top token from that prey stack and place it on your next free Hunting Tracker space

Gain a Bonus Action Token

Restriction: You can only claim one of each type of prey

Moonlight Board

The Moonlight Board will slowly fill up with different pieces as denoted in the various actions

When a Moon Phase space of the correct player count is reached, Region Scoring will occur at the end of the current player's turn

Each Region is counted for control and the player with the most control gets the most points, and 2nd most gets lower points

Wolves and Dens are worth 1 Control whilst Lairs are worth 3 Control

If tied, the player with the most Alpha Wolves in the region wins the tie

If still tied for 1st, both get 2nd reward. If still tied for 2nd, no reward for 2nd

Game End

The game ends at the final Moon Phase, Full Moon

After scoring this Moon Phase, add together all VPs gained from Moon Phases and your highest revealed VP on each track

The player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player with the most Region Scoring tokens wins!

If still tied, the player with the most active wolves wins!