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Goal : Open all Safes (1 per floor) and then escape with the Loot through the Stairs on the top floor without getting caught.

Player Turn : Take up to 4 actions (if you take 2 or fewer actions draw an event card and immediately resolve it) then the guard will move on your current floor.

Actions :

Peek : reveal adjacent room tile

Move : move to an adjacent room tile (does not need to be revealed to move on to it and will become revealed)

Tile specific action : Hack a computer, add a die to a Safe (uses 2 actions), roll dice on Safe tile

Character specific action :

Tool specific action :

Tile Distribution:

1 - Lavatory

2 - Atrium, Foyer, Secret Door, Service Duct, Laboratory

3 - Computer, Deadbolt, Detector, Fingerprint, Keypad, Laser, Motion, Safe, Stairs, Thermo, Walkway

4 - Camera


Brown out - Alarm tokens on all floors are removed. A new patrol card will be drawn for each alarm removed

Buddy system - Choose a player and move their piece onto your current tile

Change of plans - If there are no active alarms on your floor, the guard on your floor gets a new patrol card

Crash! - If there are no active alarms on your floor, then the guard's new destination will be the current tile you are on

Daydreaming - The guard on your floor has one less movement this turn

Dead drop - Current player passes all tools and loot to the player on their right

Espresso - The guard on your floor has one additional movement this turn

Freight elevator - Fall up one floor

Go with your gut - If you are adjacent to an unrevealed tile, move on to it now, your choice if there is more than one unrevealed tile

Gymnastics - Walkway tiles act as stairs for 1 round for all players

Heads up! - The next player gains an additional action on their turn

Jump the gun - Skip the next player's turn (including the guard movement)

Jury-rig - Gain a tool

Keycode change - Any open keypad tiles are now locked again, roll a 6 to enter and reopen

Lampshade - Gain a stealth token

Lost grip - Fall one floor

Peekhole - You make peek at one adjacent tile, even through a wall or up/down floors (you may choose to ignore this event)

Reboot - Add or remove hack tokens on all computer rooms so that all revealed computer rooms now contain one hack token