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Game Turn

  1. Flip 3 Casino cards - At the beginning of each turn, the card from the top of each stack is flipped and placed next to it, effect side up, creating three combinations: Casino number / Effect. Flipped cards will be stacked in three discarded stacks.
  2. Pick a number / effect combination - The players turn is simultaneous: each player individually picks one of the three combinations available and applies the results on their sheets. Several architects can therefore choose the same combination.
  3. Open a Casino (compulsory) - First, each architect must write the number of the combination they picked in the casino of one of their 4 streets on their city sheet. Numbers must always be written in an empty and constructed Casino, that is a casino without a crane or with a crossed off crane (see Construction effect page 8). They must be put in ascending order from left to right in each street independently. Note: If a player cannot write any of the 3 numbers of the Casino cards because they cannot respect the placement rules, they get to check 2 boxes on the Inauguration Track on their score sheet and will not be able to perform any action this turn.
  4. Perform the Effect (optional) - The player’s chosen combination allows them to perform an effect, if they wish, and if they have opened a casino with the Casino card. Important: an effect is always optional.

Card Effects

  1. Inauguration (Scissors Cutting Ribbon) - Tick one circle on inauguration track. If the track is filled, game end is triggered. For every 2 circles filled, you can optionally use one of the 3 bonus actions. At game end, players count the number of inauguration spots filled. The player with most garners 1st place and scores the bonus points listed on their player sheet. Second and third place do the same. However, all players with the least inauguration spots filled encircle the debt marker on their sheet by the placement column.
  1. Limousine - Draw 2 segments for limousine path. Points or cash bundles are garnered toward game end for every red carpet on a finished casino passed by limousine. Points are deducted at game end for every segment needed to get back to the starting point.
  1. Construction (Crane) - Build a casino location, and circle the debt marker for that spot. Debt marker is crossed out if a casino is built over the newly constructed location.
  1. Improvement (Calculator) - Scratch over or fill in EXACTLY one of the multiplier boxes at the bottom of the screen of your player board (except for shows). The bottom most uncovered number will go toward your final score.
  1. Show Opening (Pink Star) - If placed on a casino with a star on its ceiling, then you can fill in one of the spots on the 2 columns of the show track of your player board. If a column is started, circle the 2 debt markers by that column. The debt marker can be crossed out if the circle next to it is filled. (i.e. you might not want to start a show if you don't think you can pay for the debt marker at the bottom)

Special Actions

For every 2 filled inauguration spots, you may use one of 3 bonus actions on your turn.

  1. Increase or decrease the number of your chosen cards by up to -2/-1/+1/+2. Cross out the debt marker above the inauguration pair when used. (i.e. No debt)
  1. Change the action of your chosen cards to one of the other 4 possible actions. Cross out the debt marker above the inauguration pair when used. (No debt)
  1. After building your casino, you can build another casino on a slot adjacent to an existing casino, copying the number of the building adjacent. Encircle the debt marker above the inauguration pair. (Debt is accrued.)
  • If your main action is construction, you cannot copy onto the spot you just constructed.

Other Scoring Concepts

  1. Golf (Building on the top row) - After building your first casino on the top row, encircle the golf symbol above it. Now, you must build all the rest of the casinos on the top row adjacent to existing casinos. If any spots are skipped, scratch out all the golf spots above the top row in that direction. These scratched out holes can no longer be scored.
  1. Odd/Even Streaks - For each street, at game end find the longest streak of even or odd number casinos built on that row. Empty spaces, or unbuilt casino slots do not interrupt these streaks. The length of the streak scores bonus points as listed at the bottom of your player sheet (noted by circle/triangle).
  1. Hotels (Below all 4 streets) - Once all the spots in a column have been filled by a casino, a hotel is built at the bottom of that column or Avenue. The first player to build in that column builds a large hotel (and all other players must scratch out the top half of the hotel space as a reminder). All consequent players can build the small hotel afterward.
  1. Debt - Debt markers are shown as cash that has been wrung out. You can find these debt markers on;
  • The inauguration track, only encircled for the 3rd bonus action.
  • Casino locations to be built, only encircled after construction, and crossed out after casino built.
  • Next to the 2 show columns, encircled if a show column is started, and crossed out if the slot next to the debt marker is filled.
  • In inauguration placement column, encircled by player(s) who filled out the least number of inauguration slots at game end.
  1. Cash and Borrowing from the Bank - At game end, the cash in your safe is counted and counted against your debt. If you have more debt than cash bundles, you lose 20 points at game end. Cash can be accrued one of two ways. During the game, the limousine can accrue cash by passing built casinos with red carpets and cash listed by the red carpet (as these are owned by the mafia according to the game makers). The only other way to accrue cash is by the decision at the start of the game of whether to borrow from the bank or not.
  • If no one borrows from the bank, all players only start with the ONE ALREADY encircled cash icon in their safe.
  • If half or less than half of the players agree to borrow, then the players who borrow encircle 2 more spots getting a starting total of 3 cash bundles in their safe.
  • If more than half of the players agree to borrow from the bank, those players encircle 4 cash bundles to have a starting total of 5 cash bundles in their safe.

End of Game

The game ends as soon as a player does any of the following:

  • completes their inauguration track,
  • fulfils all three projects, or
  • opens all the built casinos on all four streets (casinos under construction do not count).

All the points are counted up; highest score wins! First tiebreaker: most hotels. Second tiebreaker: most large hotels. There is no third tiebreaker.

Additional Information

Distribution of cards

Effect side:

  • 16 Inauguration cards
  • 16 Construction cards
  • 16 Limo cards
  • 16 Show cards
  • 17 Improvement cards

Casino number side:

  • 3x 1, 2, 14, 15
  • 4x 3, 13
  • 5x 4, 12
  • 6x 5, 11
  • 7x 6, 10
  • 8x 7, 9
  • 9x 8