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Game Turn

  1. Flip 3 Casino cards - At the beginning of each turn, the card from the top of each stack is flipped and placed next to it, effect side up, creating three combinations: Casino number / Effect. Flipped cards will be stacked in three discarded stacks.
  2. Pick a number / effect combination - The players turn is simultaneous: each player individually picks one the three combinations available and apply the results on their sheets. Several architects can therefore choose the same combination.
  3. Open a Casino (compulsory) - First, each architect must write the number of the combination they picked in the casino of one of their 4 streets on their city sheet. Numbers must always be written in an empty and constructed Casino, that is a casino without a crane or with a crossed off crane (see Construction effect page 8). They must be put in ascending order from left to right in each street independently.
  4. Perform the Effect (optional) - The player’s chosen combination allows them to perform an effect, if they wish, and if they have opened a casino with the Casino card. Important: an effect is always optional.

Additional Information

Distribution of cards

Effect side:

  • 16 Inauguration cards
  • 16 Construction cards
  • 16 Limo cards
  • 16 Show cards
  • 17 Improvement cards

Casino number side:

  • 3x 1, 2, 14, 15
  • 4x 3, 13
  • 5x 4, 12
  • 6x 5, 11
  • 7x 6, 10
  • 8x 7, 9
  • 9x 8