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You have 17 rounds to either destroy your opponent from the map or control areas to give you the most Lumen at game's end

There are 7 different scenarios that can be played, the specifics of which can be found on the gameplay area, it is suggested to start with scenario A First Contact


A turn comprises of a roll, a selection, a plan, then an issue

The first player rolls the dice, and the second player cannot choose the same selection as the first player did

First player is decided randomly to start, but then is determined by whoever controls the initiative landmass


Each player makes a different selection between the following:

Lowest Die

Highest Die

Addition of the Dice

Multiplication of the Dice

Subtraction of the Dice (Lowest taken away from Highest for positive number)

Each option is limited across the game as shown on your player board, so choose wisely


After the true value is determined, this is entered into a bubble on your player board's Command area

All entries must be adjacent to something else you previously placed

If the value was 7 or higher, you also cross off a box on your High Command row

If crossing of a box finishes off that section, you get to draw a Bonus token (+ an Objective token for the final 2 areas). The Bonus Tokens will either be a Mercenary, a Secret, or a Glow


There are two types of connected numbers, identical (444) and sequence (456)

If you're lucky enough to both create an Identical and a Sequence, you have to choose which to do first in full before the other


If a value creates or adds to a line of 2 or more identical numbers, you can add reinforcements to the map up to the quantity of new numbers i.e. the first time you create a group of 2 identical, you add 2 reinforcements, later increase this to 3 and you get 1 reinforcement. However, if you had 2 unconnected identical, and connect them with a third, you get to put out 3 at once.

After you figure out how many reinforcements you're putting out, place each in an area where you already have at least 1 unit, if putting out multiple they can go in different areas

Only after ALL allowed reinforcements have been deployed will you refresh your basic units from your bag blindly (Mercenary special units aren't replenished)


If a value creates or adds to a line of 2 or more sequence numbers, you gain 3 options, and the number of times you can select from these options works the same as Identical values as described above, the options are:




Move lets you march a single unit from a landmass it's in to an adjacent landmass, if you're the first to enter the space you may gain the discovery token which resides there

Activate lets you flip an active unit to the inactive side and carry out that unit's special ability

Glow lets you use the ability on a glow token you hold, then discard the token back to the general supply bag

Basic Units

Specials will not be detailed, and you can find tooltips for everything that comes up, but the units both players will possibly have access to at the start are outlined below:

6 X Shroomling: 2 Power No Ability

2 X Mudshell: 3 Power Is protected against Deadly Fighters and Fury but cannot move

2 X Restorer: 1 Power All allies in the current and adjacent territories are flipped to active

2 X Pusher: 1 Power Force one of your or your opponent's units into an adjacent area

2 X Assassin (Deadly Fighter): 1 Power Remove a unit from the same territory and put it back in the player's bag

2 X Feathered: 1 Power Move it to any territory anywhere when activated


If a player has no units on the board, their opponent immediately wins, otherwise after 17 rounds a scoring takes place

The chevrons on your units are how much strength they contribute, for each territory see which player has the higher strength and they win it and score based on the territory type (1vp for Winter/blue, 3VP for Autumn/Orange, 5VP for Summer/Green, 7VP for Spring/Pink) ties give no one points

If you've collected any Loot Discovery Tokens, reveal these now and add up the points they give you (Discovery tokens still on the board, no matter who controls the territory, are not claimed)

If you've collected any Objective Tokens, reveal these now and add up the points they give you

The most VP wins or, if a tie, the player who currently controls the territory with the Initiative Marker wins or, if no one controls it, no one wins