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There are 4 different factions, and each player favours 2 of them to succeed


On your turn, play a card from your hand

You can either play the card Warrior side (Then optionally use its ability) or coin side

Regardless of which side is chosen, the card is played into the shared 5X5 grid so that it shares a side (not a corner) with at least 1 previously placed card

If you chose a warrior, add up the coins in the chosen space's row + column, if this equals or exceeds the warrior level then it's a legal move, if the coin count is lower than the warrior level then it cannot be placed there

In addition, either before or after placing your card, you may move the Piggy

The Piggy

As a free action, you may swap the Piggy with an adjacent card either before or after your main action

The Piggy is classed as a Coin card and thus can contribute to the cost of a Warrior's level

The Piggy can NOT be swapped with the card the previous player swapped the Piggy with

The Piggy is immune to the Knight and the Mage as well as cards affected by them


Knight - Protects all orthogonal Warriors from other Warrior powers, but does not protect itself

Mage - Swap an orthogonally adjacent card with one from your hand (Warrior or Coin, but NOT Piggy) the new card has to be the same type: Coin for Coin, Warrior 1 for Warrior 1, etc.

Orc - Flip an orthogonally adjacent Warrior to a Coin

Viking - Flip an orthogonally adjacent Coin to a Warrior

Game End

The game ends when all cards have been played

After which, add up the levels of each Faction as points for that faction, and whoever has the most points with their 2 factions added together wins!

If there is a tie, the tied players each pick 1 coin card (they can pick the same coin card) and flip it, adding these faction scores to break the tie (This repeats until the tie is broken)