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Reach 300 Points or more first (500 in a long game).

The cards are 1-9 in 4 suits.

Lowest played in a trick wins.


At the beginning of each round, one player chooses the trump suit, and the other chooses the trump rank. The player with the lowest score chooses first.

The trump suit is a suit which beats all other suits whilst a trump rank beats all, as an example, say Hearts are Trump Suit and 7s and Trump Rank, the order would be:

(weak) 9 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 9♥ 8♥ 6♥ 5♥ 4♥ 3♥ 2♥ 1♥ 7 (strong)

After the Trump Suit and Trump Rank are decided, each player gifts a card to the other which goes into their scoring pile, unseen.

Playing to a trick

A player may either play a card from their hand or a visible card from the shared Strawman row (Facedown cards stay facedown and can't be used)

The opening player may play anything.

Following this, if a player can follow suit, they may either follow suit or play either type of Trump.

If a player cannot follow suit, they may play any card they wish.

Note that when a card is in the Trump Rank, the suit-following rules of it's original suit are obeyed. In other words, in the above example, if one player leads the 7 of clubs, the other player is not required to play a trump, but if they have a club, must play either a club or a trump.

Trick resolution

If a trump was played, the stronger trump wins the trick.

If both cards belong to the trump rank, the second card wins.

If there are no trumps in the trick, the strongest card of the led suit wins.

The winner adds both cards to their scoring pile, and any exposed facedown strawmen are revealed.


The cards score based on their value, e.g. a 5 is worth 5 points and a 7 is worth 7 points.