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Game Settings

Peaceful Variant

All aggression and war cards are removed from the political deck.

Game Version: First Round Only

All aggression, war, and pact cards are removed from the political deck.

The end of game is triggered when the Age II deck is exhausted.

Final Scoring

Game end scoring is added to accumulated culture points:

  • 1 point per science rating, strength, food/resource production
  • 1 point per happiness, max of 8
  • 1 point per discovered technology’s level
  • 2 points per government’s level
  • 3 points per colony
  • 6 points per wonder age II.

Game Version: Complete

The game is played through all four ages.

End Of Ages

Ages I, II, and III

End when the last card of the current civil deck is dealt to the card row. The next age begins immediately:

  • Cards from ages older than the one that just ended (but not cards from the age that just ended) become antiquated:
    • Players discard all antiquated cards from their hands.
    • All antiquated leaders are removed from play.
    • All antiquated unfinished wonders are removed from play. (Blue tokens on them are returned to the players' blue banks.)
    • All antiquated pacts are removed from play.
    • Note: Other cards in play (technologies, colonies, completed wonders, exclusive and common tactics, declared wars) remain in play even if they are antiquated.
  • Each player loses 2 yellow tokens.
  • Shuffle the civil deck for the age that has begun. Place it on the current age board. It is now the current civil deck.
    • Continue filling the card row if there are still empty spaces.
    • If Age IV has begun, there is no new civil deck and the empty spaces will remain empty.
  • Remove the military deck from the previous age. Shuffle the new age's military deck and place it on the current age board.
    • If Age IV has begun, there is no new military deck. Drawing military cards is not possible in Age IV.

Age IV is the game-ending age.

  • If Age IV starts, determine which round will be the last.
  • This round is the last if Age IV begins during the starting player's turn.
  • The next round will be the last if Age IV begins during any other player's turn.