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The aim is to have the largest network, largest train, and most deliveries when three or more cities are depleted of cubes


After the dice are rolled, pick a dice face and take an action with it, these are:





Order (Expansion)


Draw a line of track in the corresponding region e.g. yellow for a 1 dice, and the angle of the curve is based on the back dice shape (two options are provided)

Any space (except the dice spaces) can be drawn in, regardless of previous connections or lack of e.g. you can place two unconnected lines in red, or a line in yellow and a line in green on separate turns


Cross off a box in no particular order to increase the size of your train, each crossed off box gives you +1 size the size is how many towns/cities you can pass through when trying to make a delivery


The dice chosen is the start city for loading goods and the good shows the colour of the city it wants to be delivered to, you must have a continuous connection between the two cities and a size equal or exceeding the number of towns and cities you have to pass through including the destination

Each town or city passed through (including the destination city) gives 1 point, so the longer the route to reach the destination, the more points you will gain for the delivery


Take an upright action tile matching the number of the dice and turn it sideways, this can be a neutral one, an opponent's one, or your own. Taking your own stops an opponent potentially taking it as it will again be turned sideways and locked off for now.

There are two main types, one off and continuous. A one off tile will be discarded back to the neutral area once it is used, whilst a continuous one will provide its benefit to you as long as you own it

Warning, some tiles will lose you points at game's end


In addition to during game points of delivery lengths, you also gain points for:

2 points per city to city connection, +1 point per town crossed as part of the connection (towns crossed but not connecting two cities score nothing)

Train size of 4+ will score 1 point per size at or above this

Tiles may give or lose you points if you still hold them