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Co-operate to free 8 Crabs


Flip a Baddie card and place it in the depicted row, your choice where but cannot be placed on other Baddies, Items, or Freed Crabs. If you choose to place it on the Crab token's space, it costs 1 Shrimp

You may move in your Crab's direction (Vertical or Horizontal)

If you pass over 1 or more Baddies, lose 1 Shrimp regardless of number passed over

If you land on an item, first determine if it's one of your teammates Forbidden Items (you have 2 Forbidden Items yourself which you know not to step on, but your teammate doesn't, and vice versa)

If it is a Forbidden Item, lose 2 Shrimp and the teammate places a Baddie on the card without revealing it

If it is not a Forbidden Item, flip it to reveal a Freed Crab

Don't step on your own Forbidden Items, you already know what these are!

Game End

Lose Conditions:

You need to spend Shrimps but have none to spend

You need to place a Baddie card but have no more to place

Win Condition:

Free all 8 Crabs