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25 Cards 7 Wrath (red) 7 Greed (green) 7 Pride (purple) 4 Potions (2, 3, 4, 5)

Cards are shuffled together and each player is dealt 10. 5 cards are set aside until next round.


  • Each player passes a number of cards equal to the round number.
  • If there are at least 2 potions in your hand, you must pass at least 1 potion.


  • The starting player depends on the evil progression. If the pawn moves less than 5 spaces, Dr.Jekyll starts first. Else Mr.Hyde starts first.
  • Each round consists of ten tricks:
  • The starting player leads with any card.
  • If the starting player plays a colour card, the opponent must play a card of the same colour or a Potion card. If they do not have a card of the same colour, they may play any other card.
  • If the starting player plays a Potion card, they must announce a colour. The opponent must play a card of the named colour if they can, even if they have a Potion. If they don't have any of the named colour, they may play any card.

Deciding the Winner of a Trick

  • Compare the played cards to determine the winner of the trick.
  • If both cards are the same colour, the highest number wins.
  • If both cards have different colours, the stronger colour wins. (Colour strengths are tracked at the top of the board, weakest on the left and strongest on the right). The first colour to be played during a round automatically becomes the weakest colour. When a second colour is played, that becomes the middle colour and the remaining colour becomes the strongest.)
  • If someone played a Potion, the Potion's effect is resolved, then the highest number wins.
  • The "+" on the potion cards is worth 0.5: Potion 3+ would beat Red 3, but lose to Red 4.

Potion effects

The effect of a potion is based on the card played by the other player:

  • Purple: winner steals a trick.
  • Green: players swap two cards.
  • Red: reset the color ranking.
  • Potion: they neutralise each other, so nothing happens and the highest wins.

Round Scoring

The pawn moves a number of spaces towards Hyde's end of the board equal to the difference between the number of tricks each player won (irrespective of who actually won the most tricks).

Game End

The winning condition is different for each player.

  • Hyde: if the pawn ever reaches the last space on Hyde's side, Hyde wins immediately.
  • Jekyll: if after three rounds Hyde has not won, then Jekyll wins.


  • Return Match: Play two games and switch roles between. The winner is the Hyde player who reaches the leftmost space in the fewest number of rounds. If both players reached the leftmost space in the same number of rounds, the game ends in a tie.