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Complete streets and own property in those streets to score the most points by the time all buildings have been placed


A turn is comprised of 3 steps:

1) Place a building and claim ownership

2) Check for scoring opportunities

3) Draw a new building


Place a building such that it either continues a road or runs perpendicular with one. Roads cannot touch other roads on the long edge, and must be connected to an existing road either by the short edge or the corner.

Roads can contain a maximum of 5 buildings, but may have fewer

For each symbol at its base, place a person of that colour

Take an ownership sign either from your supply or, if that's empty, another building you own and claim ownership of the new building (This means you may lose scoring opportunities for other buildings)

If you lose ownership of a building to gain ownership of another, the people on the abandoned building are moved to a building of their matching colour (or stood up to await one which is their colour)


Scoring occurs when a road meets a dead end at both sides i.e. it can't be extended (If at the 5 building limit, it still needs an enclosing building running perpendicular at either end to trigger, but this building's road does not need to connect i.e. may be on "sky edge")

Each building on the street scores for its owner

You score $1 for each person at the building

You score the building's special scoring conditions (The two main rules are that if the scoring condition is about people, it's only the people in that street that score, if it's about symbols then you may also score for symbols which point into the street from the enclosing buildings)

Then you retrieve the ownership token back to your personal supply

After all buildings are scored, the active player (i.e. the player who placed the final enclosing building) re-locates the people on the street

The people go to buildings of the same colour as they are on unscored streets, but the active player can choose where they go if there are options

If there is nowhere for the persons to go, they are stood up and wait until the next building they like is played and go straight to that one

End of Game

When there are no more buildings to draw, play continues until all players' hands are empty. When the last player finishes their turn, End Game Scoring begins.

At the end of the game score all Buildings in the City with Ownership Signs. Buildings scored during End Game Scoring only score half what they normally would, rounding up.

For example a building that would normally score $7 only scores $4 at the end of the game.

People are not moved during End Game Scoring.

The player with the most Money is the winner of the game.

If two or more players are tied, they can play another game of Streets to determine the winner. (click Propose a rematch on the game result page)