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That's life (or Verflixxt) is a game of tile collecting. There are plus and minus tiles which will score or deduct points. Getting too many minuses? Use the actions and lucky tiles! At the end the player with the highest score wins.


  • All tiles are shuffled and the board is built. There is an action tile after each 8 tiles.
  • Everyone has 3 pieces at the start. Guards will not be used in the basic version.
  • On your turn, roll a dice (1-6) and move any of your pieces that number of steps.
  • If you move a piece off a tile where it was the only one, you must take that tile (even if it is negative). The start tile can't be collected.
  • Remove it from the track and place it in front of you, face-up. This is the start of your tile tower.
  • When you collect other tiles, put them on top of your tile tower. You cannot change the order of the tiles.
  • After a tile is taken, close the gap in the track by pushing the other tiles together.

Special Tiles

  • Gift action: Take the top tile of your tower. If it is minus, give it to the player who has the most valuable top. Else give it to the player who has the least valuable top. The tile is then flipped over to the steal side. If you have no tiles just flip over the tile.
  • Steal action: Take the top tile from any player’s tower of your choice and put it on top of your own tower. Flip the tile from the Steal side to the Gift side. If none of the other players has any tiles just flip over the tile.
  • Lucky tile: For each lucky tile in your tower, you may change one minus tile to a plus tile. Extra lucky tiles have no effect.

End of Game

  • If a piece is moved to the finish tile it cannot be moved any more.
  • If a player has all their tiles moved onto the finish tile the player doesn't take any more turns.
  • When all the pieces are moved to the finish tile the game is over.
  • The player with the highest score wins. If there is a tie, the player with least number of lucky tiles wins. If there is still a, tie they remain tied.


  • Action tile: You can choose not to add any action tiles.
  • Expert scoring: The lucky tiles convert the tile below them in the stack into the opposite.
  • Guards: There are guards on the lucky, +7 and +8 tiles. You may choose to move a guard instead of your piece, if it is sharing a tile with a player's piece. You cannot collect tiles with guards on it.

Other Board Setups

  • Standard sorted: -1 to -8, lucky tiles, +8 to +1, -1 to -10.
  • Variant 1: -1 to -8, +1 to +8, lucky tiles, -1 to -10.
  • Variant 2: -1 to -8, +1 to +8, -1 to -10, lucky tiles.