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Remember When ... is a family party game for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up. Note that the game is extremely language dependent, as essentially a storytelling game, in English.

The players represent retired super heroes and reformed super villains who have gotten together, years later, to reminisce about their earlier adventures. But, as always happens at occasions like this, each is trying to outdo their peers by bragging about an even more amazing story of what they once did. But the really funny part is that everyone's memories are faulty because they are now going senile, and they're relying on their "friends" to help them fill in the blanks! So while the hero or villain might really have a great story to tell, what comes out of their mouth ends up being VERY different. Each player has two goals - 1) To be the best at helping the other players in remembering correctly, and 2) To come up with your own memory/adventure that your peers agree is the best one of all!

Remember When... comes with hundreds of unique cards, each with 4 words/phrases on its 4 sides. There are ZERO repeats, meaning there are over a billion billion different combinations! On the Active Player's turn they are creating a memory with 7 different cards, each representing a different part of the memory. 1) WHEN they did this, 2) WHERE they did this, 3) HOW they did this (i.e. Adverb), 4) The ACTION that they took (i.e. Verb), 5) The DESCRIPTION of the object of their memory (i.e. Adjective), 6) The OBJECT of their memory (i.e. Noun), and 7) WHY they took this action. For example, "Remember When ..., while looking for my other sock, in the crowded grocery store, I repeatedly kissed the furry caveman because the Great Conjunction was at hand!?"

But the Active Player does not create this Sentence/Memory from their own cards. The other players are rapidly trying to assist the Active Player by submitting one card each. The Object and the Action Taken are determined first and read out loud, so the players have some context for their card submissions. Once one card of a type/color (i.e. "Blue") has been submitted then another available color must be submitted. As the players submit their cards to the Active Player, face down, they are trying to guess which of those 4 words/phrases the Active Player will actually choose. When the person building a memory matches the guess of the person who gave them the card, they both score a point.

Once the Active Player has assembled their sentence, scored it for "helping points", then they read the completed sentence aloud (we suggest as dramatically as possible). This is because the other players will be voting on which memory of the evening is the most exciting of all! The person whose memory is voted the best at the end of the game scores two bonus points.

Additionally, in the BGA version the last memory standing at the end of the game scores 2 bonus points. In the physical/home version of the game there are 2 winners at the end of each game - Most Points and Best Memory. The home version also accommodates up to 9 players, adds optional Orange famous personality cards in place of "the" , and comes with blank cards so that you can create your own.

Remember When... occupies a unique space in BGA's library. It is a very easy, casual game where we hope that parents and children alike will enjoy just being silly and letting their imaginations run wild.

Please see our latest tutorial, with the updated artwork by our friend Matthew Moeller. Thanks for trying the game out, and please spread the word!

We are also actively seeking a publisher. If you have any ideas or contacts please let us know.