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Please help finish this by adding all cards and brief descriptions. This is still missing 2 cards. Objects that you must play in front of you as your turn.

  1. MacGuffin: pass as your turn
  2. Backup MacGuffin: pass as your turn unless MacGuffin is out.
  3. The Money: discard to buy another object or a card in someone's hand
  4. The Crown: pass as your turn unless any MacGuffin is in play
  5. The Paper: discard this or The Rock
  6. The Rock: discard this or The Scissors
  7. The Scissors: discard this or The Paper


  1. The Spy
  2. Vortex
  3. The Assassin
  4. Tomb Robbers
  5. Garbage Collector
  6. The Thief
  7. The Grand Marshall
  8. The Interrogator
  9. Wheel of Fortune
  10. The Merchant
  11. The Hippie
  12. I'm Not Dead Yet!
  13. The Fist of Doom
  14. The Shrugmaster