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The aim is to be the last player still with cards


Objects must be played to the table as your turn and later used for special power:

  • MacGuffin: Pass as your turn if you have no other cards
  • Backup MacGuffin: pass as your turn if you have no other cards, unless MacGuffin is in play
  • The Money: Discard to take another object or a card in someone's hand
  • The Crown: Pass as your turn unless any MacGuffin is in play
  • The Paper: Discard this or The Rock
  • The Rock: Discard this or The Scissors
  • The Scissors: Discard this or The Paper

Play Actions and do what it says:

  • The Spy: Look at another player's hand of cards
  • Vortex: Shuffle all players' hands together and deal them back out
  • Wheel of Fortune: All players pass their hands in clockwise or counterclockwise direction
  • The Switcheroo: Trade hands with another player
  • Can I Use That?: Take a random card from another player's hand and play it
  • The Assassin: Discard Crown if it's in play, otherwise discard any Object or a random card
  • Tomb Robbers: Add random card from unused card pile to your hand
  • Garbage Collector: Take card of choice out of discard pile and add it to your hand
  • The Thief: Steal an object or a random card and put it in your hand
  • The Interrogator: The holder of the MacGuffin or the Backup Macguffin must reveal it
  • The Merchant: If just one player has an Object, steal one, otherwise make an exchange
  • I'm Not Dead Yet!: If you have no other cards, steal a non-MacGuffin Object or a card from someone's hand
  • The Fist of Doom: Discard an Object in play. If none are, discard a random card from someone's hand
  • The Shrugmaster: Shrug
  • The Hippie: Show the peace sign
  • Grand Marshal: Wave