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Be the first to get all the cards of the same color in your hand — but watch out as all the cards are double-sided, and you can see only one side. You have to wisely use the different actions you dispose of to flip over, draw, or give out your cards and end up with the right combination.


You are trying to only have cards of the same color in front of you. Cards are double-sided, with different colors on each side. You can only see the front of your cards, while seeing the back of other players' cards.

On your turn, you must do those 3 actions, in the order of your choice:

- give one of your cards to another player or on top of the draw pile (the card isn't flipped)

- take a card from another player or from the top of the draw pile (the card isn't flipped)

- flip one of your cards

You can never have less than 4 cards in your hand, or more than 10.

Some cards have special effects, whenever you get one in front of you:


White cards are jokers, acting as the color of your choice.

Whenever you discard a white card, you can swap you entire hand with another player's hand, without flipping the cards.


Having a black card in hand forces you to immediatly flip your entire hand.

Note: If, after flipping your hand, you also have a black card, you only flip the black card instead.

End of game

The game ends immediatly when a player has all of their cards of the same color, including whites, regardless of whose turn it is.