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Note: Rules are a rough draft -- please also refer to rule book

How to play

On your turn, you can do two of the below actions, including the same action twice. At turn end, the market refreshes and that player can keep at most 5 cards in their hand.

The actions are:






Take a card from the face up display, the deck, or a passenger from the bag.

If you wish to take a passenger, but the bag is empty, take 1 VP instead


Loading allows you to add cargo to your cars or an opponent's cars, using cards in your hand or passengers. (Bonus load actions must be on your own car.)

Load a card or passenger onto a car that's not full yet and takes that resource (cargo or passenger)

The car's type and capacity is listed above the car

If you load a wild cargo, it becomes the cargo that car takes

If you load onto an opponent's car, you get the listed bonus (No bonus for loading your own cars)

Benefits from loading are always given in left to right in the order they are displayed, i.e. if you can't use the first benefit until you gained the second benefit, you can't go back and take the first benefit

You may load a second face down card with your load to get rid of it and count it as the cargo


The sequence of this action depends on if you are extending your train, upgrading a previous car, or creating a building

After this sequence is complete, if applicable, the new feature may grant you additional Passengers, take these now

You can have multiple Caboose Cars

You can only ever have ONE engine

You can only have one active building (i.e. a new building would replace the old one)

You can have duplicates of car types

1) Play a new car

To play a car, discard its cost in other cards then place it in the rightmost empty space

Note: You may not play a car that would exceed your engine's weight limit

2) Upgrade an existing car (of the same type)

You can upgrade a car of the same type by paying the difference in other cards

You can skip levels when upgrading e.g. level 1 to 3

The old car is discarded

3) Play a building

To play a building, discard its cost in other cards


Delivering allows you to perform deliveries to one location as below. Note taking contracts or filling a passenger delivery row moves the progress track one step toward game end.

Multiple delivery types can be made to the same location, i.e. pick ONE location and perform as many of the below options as you wish or are able to

1) Deliver to a Primary Contract

To perform this type, you must NOT have an Island Card

Deliver the required cargo shown on the left bronze banner on the map for that location

Advance the Progress train forward one space

Take the Island Card from the map and place it in your personal area

2) Deliver to a Secondary Contract

Once you have an Island Card in your personal supply, you can aim to complete ONE of the two Silver banners

Once fulfilled, slip it under your engine in such a way that it shows which of the two banners you completed

3) Deliver a Passenger to a Ticket Tile

If you have a passenger, you can deliver it to the matching color location

Place it on the leftmost unoccupied space and gain that reward

Once the final slot on a Ticket Tile is taken, advance the Progress Train one space

4) Deliver a Special Delivery

Discard any cargo and/or passengers to gain 2 cards each

Game end

Completing 4/5/6 progress in a 2/3/4 player game ends the game. (Running out of cards in the deck/discard also ends the game.)

Everyone gets one final turn (including the player who ended the game)

The player who took the action which caused the end of game via Progress takes the Train of Progress, if game ended by cards running out then no one gets the Train of Progress

To re-iterate, BOTH deck AND discard need to be exhausted for a card depletion end game

Players add up their points from trains, buildings, and contracts.

  • Points from trains
  • Points from buildings
  • Points from contracts
  • Point tokens during the game
  • +1 point per loaded good remaining
  • +1 point to a player ending the game (if by progress)

(Tiebreaker is longest train, then most train points)