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This is a single player game only consisting of 12 rounds


Roll the 5 dice

Mark off squares using the dice results

Finish marking and lock off the next row or column

Marking Squares

Squares with numbers can be obtained either by the actual number on a dice, adding dice together, or subtracting dice from each other (e.g. a 5 & 6 could mark off 5 & 6, 1, or 11)

Squares with E or O stand for Even and Odd respectively, and as such require a number of that type and can ONLY be made with one dice e.g. a 3 is fine, but a 5 and 2 can't make a 3

Squares with X2 on them require a pair of the same number and again can ONLY be made with two singles, e.g. 3 and 3 is fine, but 3 and 5 & 2 won't cut it

Black squares have helpfully already been completed for you by the previous lock-breaker, whose fate is unknown....

Using Dice

When marking off squares, each die can only be used in one capacity, so once used it is placed in the used area to help you keep track of what's still available to you


You have 3 skimmers which need to first be charged up, then each can be used ONCE

To charge a skimmer, instead of marking off a square with a dice, instead add its value to a single skimmer of your choice e.g. at the start, all skimmers are at 0, so a 3 would move one skimmer to 3, later on you have a 5 you want to charge the same skimmer with so this would bring this skimmer to 8

Skimmers can be charged in any order and you can bounce between them

When you're ready to use a Skimmer, take its current value like it were a die and use, add, or subtract it with other real dice. After which, the Skimmer powers out and can no longer be charged any further.

Each Skimmer is independent of the others, so each can be in varying states of not started, charged, or used


You have 3 re-rolls for the whole GAME

When you use a re-roll, you may re-roll as many dice as you wish then mark off that you've used a re-roll

Multiple re-rolls can be used in the same round, but you still only have 3 for the WHOLE game

Cracking The Safes

If you mark off all boxes in either a row or column, you MIGHT have cracked the safe

If a safe is in its regular state, you gain all the gems shown in it

If a safe is on full lockdown, you gain NOTHING

There is no required order to the safes, so it's up to you how you tackle them. However, full lockdown DOES have an order to it, as explained later, so you might want to keep this in mind.

End of Round

Once you've finished using all your dice, or finished using all the dice you're able to the round ends (remember, dice that can't be used to mark off on the grid can always be shoved into available Skimmers, if any)

The next safe in alphabetical order now goes into full lockdown and can no longer be opened, on the first round this will be A

The next alphabetical safe is always the one which goes into full lockdown, even if you've already stolen from it

If L Safe just went into full lockdown, the game ends, otherwise start a new round

Game End

When Safe L goes into full lockdown, the game ends

Count up your gems and any unused Skimmers, which are worth 1 point each

Your final score then gives you your title:

<10 Busted

10-12 Pickpocket

13-15 Shoplifter

16-18 Cat Burglar

19-21 Bank Robber

22+ Pink Panther