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Defeat 3 enemies made up of 3 then 4 then 5 dice respectively. Co-Operative Play.


Simultaneously, all players roll their dice secretly for the round. The pips are secret, but the colours may be declared when asked.

You then have the choice of 5 actions:






You can take the same action as another player, but NOT at the same value.

After which all dice are revealed and players take all dice from every player whose value matches the value they requested. e.g. if you request 3's, you get yours and all other players' 3's

If at the end of the Action Phase the enemy is defeated, Suffer Phase is skipped and the enemy is moved into the players' dice pool



For each set of dice you hold which equals the pips on the enemy dice cause 1 damage. e.g. if enemy dice are 1 1 1, every 3 pips of yours causes 1 damage. The enemy pips are counted at the start, so if multiple players are attacking, in this example it will be 3 pips per 1 damage for everyone, regardless of order.


Sets of 3 of a kind block one damage +1 per extra dice. e.g. a set of 3 4's blocks 1 damage, a set of 5 2's blocks 1+2 3 damage


3 consecutive values heal 1 dice from the injured pool +1 per extra dice. e.g. a run of 4 5 6 heal 1 dice, a set of 1 2 3 4 5 heals 1+2 3 dice


Using a single colour of your choice, match with the pips of the enemy dice to cast a spell based on colour used. e.g. if enemy dice are 1 1 1, you need three 1's, if enemy dice are 3 3 4, you need 2 3's and a 4

Red Spell - Deal 1 damage per dice used

Yellow Spell - Heal 1 dice per dice used

Blue Spell - Block 1 damage per dice used (Guaranteed complete block)

Black Spell - Insta-kill the enemy (Only physically possible on final enemy, as only then would you have 7 dice of 5 required)


Use 1's to do a +1 to another player's dice, with multiple 1's you can do this multiple times e.g. 2 1's would give you a +2 or 2 separate +1's

Suffer Phase

After all players have taken their turn, the enemy fights back dealing their attack value to the group

The enemy first tries to target Blocking players, then targets Attacking players, then targets Casting players, then targets Healing players, then finally targets Animal players

If you have blocked, this reduces the attack you'll receive

If you haven't blocked, or your block isn't sufficient, you'll lose dice equal to the difference

If the target player cannot lose enough dice required, the team loses.

There is no Suffer Phase if an enemy was just defeated during Action Phase.

Prepare Phase

If all players are still standing, each has the option to pass dice on to their left neighbour from those dice not used for their action. These dice are locked in place i.e. not re-rolled


Enemy 1 has 18 health, 3 attack, 3-18 defence

Enemy 2 has 24 health, 4 attack, 4-24 defence

Enemy 3 has 30 health, 5 attack, 5-30 defence

The defence is equal to the pips currently showing, so the more you attack it the more defensive it becomes

When an enemy is defeated, the black dice go into injured pile, however if you dealt any extra overkill damage, the dice go directly into that player's dice pool

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