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Blooms is a two-player territory game a bit like the classical game Go, but shorter, easier to learn, and more colorful.


  • Bloom: a bloom is an entire group of connected stones on the board of the same color. A single stone (unconnected to others of the same color) is also a bloom.
  • Fenced: a bloom is fenced when there are no empty spaces adjacent to any of the bloom’s stones.


Each player owns 2 colors of stones.

To start, Player 1 places one stone of either of their colors on any empty space.

From then on, starting with Player 2, the players take turns. On your turn, you must place one or two stones onto any empty spaces. If you place two, they must be different colors. Then, capture all fenced enemy blooms.

The first player to have captured X stones wins (this number is visible in the top right under each player name).