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Main rules:

Each player has an objective in the top right under their name. The objective consists of one line or column and one number. The goal is to have the sum of that line or column be equal to that number after all 12 cards have been played.

Each turn, you must play one of your cards on the board.

The CO2 cards should be covered before the end of any round.


All cards in all colors from 0 to 3 are present in each age. The objective of line or column is different for all players. The number is chosen between 344556.


It's present on the top. You gain for each round +1 per objective done, and -1 per objective failed. At the end of the game that score is multiplied by 3 minus the number of CO² cards visible at the end of any round. Your elo gain is equal to your score. A bonus of 50% is applied in expert mode.


Note which cards have a CO²:

  • First generation: air 1, ice 2
  • Second generation: air 3, earth 1, ice 0
  • Third generation: air 2, earth 0 and 2, ice 3

With expert mode, you add:

  • First generation: earth 3
  • Second generation: air 0
  • Third generation: ice 1