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Overview and Objective

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In Veggie Garden, each player cultivates their vegetables to help the community garden prosper. A game plays out over 6 rounds, where each player takes turns manipulating the community garden to make it flourish. At the end of the game, each vegetable in the garden has a point value as shown by its associated fence post. Vegetables in the compost are worth zero points. Whoever has the most points wins.


One set of vegetables is removed from the game during setup, so that only 5 of the 6 veggies will be available in each game.

On each player's turn, that player selects a face up card from the Harvest, places it in front of them, and takes the action associated with it on the reference tile. Actions will manipulate the community garden, and will usually affect the point values of the vegetables in the garden.

Cabbage: Cabbage allows you to shift any one column or row of cards or fence posts. All cards/posts will either shift once place left, right, up or down. The Groundhog blocks the row and column he is part of.

Carrots: Carrots allow you to choose any other fence post and swap it with the Bunny. At the end of the game, the card next to the Bunny does not earn any points.

Peas: Whenever you harvest Peas, you may move the Groundhog to another space in the compost area, and select one other compost card adjacent to the Groundhog's new position (including the diagonal). Swap the selected card with the card on the Groundhog's direct opposite side. For example, if you chose the card to the Groundhog's lower left, then you would swap it with the card to the Groundhog's upper right.

Peppers: Harvesting Peppers allows you to swap any two adjacent vegetable cards or fence posts vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The Groundhog blocks this vegetable.

Potato: When you harvest a Potato, exchange a card from your hand with any one of the sixteen in the garden. The Groundhog blocks this vegetable.

Tomato: When you harvest a Tomato, discard a vegetable from the garden and replace it with one of the remaining 3 from Harvest. The Groundhog blocks this vegetable.

End Game

When the last player has taken their last action and every player has 8 cards in their hand, beginning with the first player, each player takes one final card from the harvest. Cards are not replenished between picks and players do not take the associated actions.


Veggies each score the sum of all their associated points in the garden as denoted by the fence posts. 10 bonus points are awarded to each player who has all five types of vegetables in the hand.