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Place structures from the 11 construction sites until there is only one left, then work out who has created the best districts


On your turn, take a tile and place that tile

The first tile is free to take, all after it costs 1 stone to skip (e.g. if you want the 4th tile, spend 3 stone)

You can freely place a tile bordering others on the ground floor

If you wish to place higher, you must first have a triangle of 3 hexes to cover with the new tile to make a 2nd level (i.e. it can't over-hang). In addition, it must cover at least 2 different tiles. The covered hexes no longer count towards anything they would give you.

Hex Types

The three hex types are:

Quarries (Grey) - These do nothing when placed, but if you cover them, they give you 1 stone each

Plazas (Grey with Coloured stamp) - The stars depicted on these can be multiplied with the districts of the same type to make them worth more points

Districts (Coloured) - These score in a number of ways depending of type, but to be able to score you MUST have at least ONE matching Plaza


  • Houses - blue: largest single group
  • Markets - yellow: not adjacent to other markets
  • Barracks - red: on the edge of the city
  • Temples - purple: fully surrounded
  • Gardens - green: no conditions

Round End

When there is only one tile left in the construction site, move it to the 1st position and lay out a new stack

Pass first player marker

If you can't do the above, the game ends at the end of the 12th round


For each qualifying district, the following applies:

Add up the number of District hexes in each level

Multiply this number by the level they are on (x1 for first level or x2 for 2nd level...)

Multiply this by the number of stars the matching plazas give you

In addition:

1 vp per stone unused

If tied for the win, most unused stone breaks the tie


  • Houses - blue: If your group of Houses Districts has a value of 10 or more, its points are doubled.
  • Markets - yellow: If your Market District is next to a Market Plaza, its points are doubled.
  • Barracks - red: If your Barracks has 3 or 4 empty spaces adjacent to it, its points are doubled.
  • Temples - purple: If your Temple is built on a higher level, its points are doubled.
  • Gardens - green: If your Garden is adjacent to a lake (an empty space that is completely surrounded), its points are doubled.