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Flow of the game:

  • Gather resources
  • Craft items to turn resources into gold (and treasure cards with some special abilities)
  • Use gold to build rooms and hire specialists, which give you special abilities and VP (blue symbols)


On your turn you may take one of 3 actions: gather, craft, or expand.

Before or after this action, you may use or sell treasures (treasures with a gold in the lower-right can be sold).


You can gather 3 of the same or 2 different resources. You can't gather gems or magic potions unless you have the Gem Workshop or Magic Arcaenum.


You can craft one or both items on a quest in a single action, but crafting only one will tie up one of your two guild sigils, until the quest is finished.

Treasure cards are distributed between players who crafted for the quest after a quest is completed (all items have been crafted). The first person to have crafted for that quest will collect the quest card.


If you choose Expand, you can build a room, hire a specialist, or do both (in either order). This costs gold.

Building a Room

Chambers are double-sided. Room and chambers must be placed touching your build. If the room covers a bonus, you gain that bonus.

You can't have 2 of the same room.

2 player only: One player cannot build both the Gem Workshop and the Magic Arcaenum.

Hiring a Specialist

Place the specialist in one of the four slots above your guild. Once you have 4 specialists, you can't hire any more specialists (without a bonus ability).

If you pay full price for a specialist, place a 1 gold discount on all specialists to the right. If the cost drops to 0 gold, discard them.

Game End & Scoring

The game ends when the Offering to the Council card is drawn. Every player takes one more turn, during which they can take an action or place (one of their two) sigils on the council card, which will score you 1 VP for each remaining 3 gold and 2 resources.


In addition to scoring VP on treasures, specialists, rooms, and Offering to the Council (if you placed a sigil on it), you gain 1 VP for every quest card you own.

More Info

Hand size is 6 treasure cards.

Resource Types

  • White: Cloth
  • Red: Leather
  • Blue: Metal/Iron
  • Brown: Wood
  • Purple: Magic potion
  • Green: Gem

You can't gather gems or magic potions unless you have the Gem Workshop or Magic Arcaenum.

Kinds of Treasure

  • Blue Treasures: Extra resources, Contracts, Spoiling Potion, Ancient Breastplate, Ancient Helm
  • Red Treasures: Charms, Lucky Potion, Ancient Sword, Ancient Boots
  • Yellow Treasures: Extra coins, Fortune Potion, Ancient Gauntlets, Ancient Shield

The King's Funeral

When this card is drawn, it triggers bidding on a special tile worth 4 VP.