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Gain Spicy through tricks across Three Rounds, but gaining a prescribed number of Spicy or no Spicy will score you bonus points


The lead player can play any card from their hand

The follow players must play the same suit if possible, otherwise can play any card

The player who played the highest value card in the lead suit wins the trick and also claims the visible Spicy card as a reward before starting the next trick

Fibonacho cards can be used as Trumps, which beat the Lead suit, but only if TWO Fibonachos are played in a round

Round End

The round ends when everyone is out of cards

At which point, sum up all the Spicy you've won

Normally, the quantity of Spicy is your score

If you meet a number of Spicy equal to a quantity shown on the Spicy table, score that value instead e.g. 5 Spicy scores 8 points

If you have 0 Spicy, your score is that of the highest scorer

Game End

At the end of Round 3, add up your score for each round, the player with the most points wins!