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A solo Trick Taking game


ECK always leads the first trick of a round

After which, whoever wins the trick takes the next turn

If tied with matching shapes, put the tied cards aside and repeat until someone wins, the winner claims the current trick and all unclaimed tied tricks

The follower must try to play a card of the same colour first, or anything if not possible

To win a trick, the colour must match and the sides of the shape are counted, a shape with more sides wins against a shape with less sides

To lose a trick, the colour and shape both fail to match the lead (ECK cannot lose this way)

Trump Circles

Black and White Circles are trumps

Black Circle wins against any colour or shape

White Circle loses against any colour or shape

2 Black or 2 White circles tie

White Circle wins against Black Circle

Round End

When the round ends, count the number of tricks won and takes a marker to show they've won that quantity of tricks e.g. win 4 tricks take the 4

Once a trick reward is claimed, it can't be claimed again, e.g. win with 4 tricks AGAIN and gain NOTHING

If the tricks won cause you to win nothing three times in a row, you lose!

If Eck wins a trick quantity, flip it and leave it for you to claim, if Eck wins the SAME trick count again before you claim it, you lose!

If you claim 4 different trick quantities, you win!