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Be the first to complete your side's objective


Each round is divided into a series of phases between the Rebellion and Empire player

First, the Rebellion player picks two adjacent districts and slides their Area of Interest marker between them along with 3 cards (two hidden and one revealed)

After which, the Empire uses two unique tokens to perform actions, these two are flipped face down and will remain face down for some time

Finally, the Rebellion player decides which of the two districts marked by the Area of Interest token each card will actually be assigned to, these can be the same or different but stay in their current form (hidden or revealed)

Round End

First, check for Liberation, if a district contains cards that meet the criteria on a Mission card, reveal hidden cards until this is the truth then discard the cards, the district, and the mission. After which, slide the districts to fill the gap so the adjacent districts are now adjacent to each other.

If the Empire has exhausted all their actions, they all flip to active. If at least 2 are still active, none of the used ones are flipped.

Rebellion Cards & Empire Tokens

The Rebellion player has value 2-6 in 4 suits, as well as 4 Misdirection cards which are useless to Missions but may throw the Empire player off

The Empire player has 4 unique tokens as such:

Surveil - Reveal a hidden card

Destroy - Discard a card but keep its status (hidden or revealed)

Reroute - Move a card and keep its status (hidden or revealed)

Blockade - Prevent cards from being added to that district

Game End

If the Rebellion player liberates THREE districts, they win!

If the Rebellion player needs to draw new cards for a new round, but there are not at least 3 to take, there is a Final Encounter

The Rebellion player takes all the cards available in the deck (if any)

Cards played are not played to an Area of Interest, instead they are played in a neutral space, after the Empire player takes their turn, the Rebellion Player can assign these final cards to any district they wish

If the Rebellion player now liberates three districts, they win!

Otherwise, the Empire player wins!