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The games ends after 2 rounds / 8 turns (short) or 3 rounds / 12 turns (long)


A Player's turn consists of the following:



Scoundrel OR Sheriff


Pick a card from your hand and place it on a slot

If the card you played matches the slot, this is a normal play

If the card you played does NOT match the slot, this is a bluff

Either way, no one but you knows what you played

Note, if you make a bluff for a card you already have in your hand, you will have to make another bluff e.g. if you put a 3 on the 2 slot, you can't put a 3 on the 3 slot so would have to bluff again

However, the 0 card does not match a slot and so does not create the issues just discussed

The other important note is that the 6 slot (whether you use an actual 6 or not) does not have an ability associated with it

If you wish to call another player's bluff, you have 3 henchmen which you can use, you place one of these on a card you think is a bluff, but other players can also send henchmen to the same card, you just can't have more than one of your own at a card and they can only be played on a player's most recent card, you can't call them on anything they previously played. Additionally, you can't call your own bluff and you can't move a Henchman if it is already in use.


In an order of your choosing, use abilities which match the slot (not the card) you occupied this turn

Other than gaining money, and abilities acquired throughout the game, there are two abilities discussed below

A/2 Scout

This lets you look at a safe in advance, and you then place a token of yours on it to show you've looked. Once looked, you can view safes again at any time, even if it is later owned by an opponent. You may place any of your tokens on the safe, but if you place a token that matches the safe's true value, it's worth an extra point to the stealer (which may or may not be you)

5 Steal

You can take any safe, along with all tokens on it, but you are restricted to 1 safe per day cumulative, i.e. you can take 1 safe on day 1 then 1 safe on day 2, or you can take 0 safes on day 1 then 2 safes on day 2, but can't take 2 on day 1 and 0 on day 2. However, you can swap safes, by stealing above limit, looking at them, then returning a safe of your choice. Regardless of whether you swap steal or straight steal, all tokens remain on their respective safes at all times.

Scoundrel or Sheriff

At the end of your turn, you can either call a Scoundrel or activate the Sheriff

If you pick the Scoundrel option, pay the cost and place the desired Scoundrel on one of your 5 spaces for them, then refill the Saloon. If you wish, and at this point only, you can re-arrange your Scoundrels. In addition, if the new scoundrel doesn't fit, pick a scoundrel to discard or discard the scoundrel just hired.

If you pick the Sheriff option, or can't afford a Scoundrel, discard the Saloon's rightmost scoundrel and refill the Saloon. After which, pick either receive $2, pay $2 or $4 to free 1 or 2 henchmen respectively, or on the final day only spend $12 to buy a safe

End of Day

The day ends after each player has taken 4 turns

Bluff Check - IMPORTANT non-henchmen marked cards are NOT checked, so could be genuine or could be a bluff, they just aren't checked

If a card does have one or more henchmen on it, it is checked, flip the card over to see if it was genuine or a bluff

If genuine, all henchmen on the card are sent to jail and are out of commission until recalled by the associated Sheriff action

If bluff, the henchmen owners gain 1 Reputation and gain their henchmen back to their supply, the bluffer loses 1 Reputation

If this were the final day, move to scoring, otherwise

Without revealing them, if they weren't already revealed, each player shuffles their played cards SEPARETELY, then these shuffled played cards are placed at the end of your deck, NOT shuffled into them, as such your next hand will be completely different from current

The player with the current highest reputation decides who starts the new round

Game End

Once 2 or 3 days have elapsed (for short or long version) the game ends

Reveal safes

Everyone gains points for the safes as stated + 1 point per token that matches that safe's value

Based on a players reputation, they may gain or lose a certain number of points

Scoundrels may grant extra points

The player with the most points wins!

One Last Thing

It isn't clear from the rules, but by looking at a picture of the actual board, you can tell that during the game, your reputation can't go below -2 nor above +6.