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Just One is a cooperative party game where you get other players to guess Mystery Words by writing secret clues on your easel.

Choose carefully though, since any identical clues will be canceled!

After 13 cards, calculate your score and try to set a new record each time you play.


1) A mystery word is presented.

2) Each player writes one single-word clue on their board.

3) One player reviews the clues. Any identical or invalid clues are removed.

Identical clues

• Identical words

Example: Mouse and Mouse are identical

• Variants from the same word family

Example: Prince and Princess are considered to be identical

• Plurals, gender differentiations, and spelling mistakes don’t count as actual differences

Example: Prince and Princes, Actor and Actress, Philosophy and Filosofie are considered identical

Invalid clues

• The mystery word written differently

Example: Shirt → Shurt

• The mystery word translated in another language

Example: Shrub → Buisson

• An invented word

Example: Cake → Swee’ting

• Homophones (a word phonetically identical to the mystery word with a different meaning)

Example: Weather → Whether

Note: If all clues are identical or invalid and have been removed, the turn is over. Note: Names (proper nouns), numbers, acronyms, onomatopoeia, and special characters are all valid clues.

Examples: 007 is allowed to help someone guess Bond, Riiiiing or SMS are allowed to help someone guess Telephone, and $ is allowed to help someone guess America.

4) The active player guesses the mystery word.


• Success: If the active player correctly guesses the Mystery Word, score 1 point.

• Failure: If the active player makes a wrong guess, do not gain the point, AND discard the next card in the stack.

• Skip: If the active player chooses not to answer, skip their turn and do not gain the point.

End of Game

The game ends after 13 rounds. Guessing all 13 mystery words correctly is a perfect score.