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Play cards and bluff your opponent into taking negative scoring sets, whilst trying not to fall into their traps and score the most yourself


On your turn, you can add as many cards as you wish to a single row

All the cards played must be of the same colour

Place them respecting the placement depictions which follows a faceup then facedown rotation

If you play a special card, its effects only trigger when played to a faceup space

The 7th and final card of a sequence must always be of the same colour as the 6th, i.e. if your opponent only played up to the 6th, you have to play the same colour as what they played

If you cannot play, you instead discard as many cards as you wish and draw new ones then end your go

Completing a Row

If you play the 7th card to a row, you have completed it

Flip all the facedown cards faceup

Facedown special cards have NO effect when revealed

Sum all the cards in the row which could cause a positive, negative, or zero score for that player

Discard all the cards on that row and draw a random deck card to start a fresh row

Game End

When the deck is depleted, the next time a row is completed and scored the game ends or if a player is unable to play it ends

The player with the most points, wins!