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  • Each player gets a monster. They start with 10 life.
  • Tokyo city and Tokyo bay are empty. In 2-4 player games, remove Tokyo bay from the game.
  • Deal three power cards from the deck to the middle. These form the shop.


  • On your turn, roll 6 dice. You can keep and refill thrice. After that, resolve all your dice.
  • If a dice shows heal, heal 1 life if less than your max. If a dice shows energy, gain 1 energy. If a dice shows smash, attack everyone in a different place as you by 1 life. If the dices show three of a kind, gain points as the number. Each additional same number gains 1 point.
  • If any spaces in Tokyo is empty, enter Tokyo. You gain 1 point when entering, and 2 points for each turn starring in it. However, you cannot heal in it. You may leave it if you are attacked.
  • You can buy as many cards as you want by paying the energies needed. Apply their effects immediately. Also, you can spend 2 energies to sweep all the cards in the shop to the discard pile. Discard the cards after use if they show discard.
  • After buying cards, your turn ends.
  • If at any time, you have 0 or less life points, you are immediately eliminated regardless of your points. If you are in Tokyo, leave there. If this causes the number of alive players to be less than 5, Tokyo bay is closed and the player on it leaves.

End of Game

  • If you get 20 or more points and survive that turn, you win!
  • If you are the last player alive, you win!


  • 2 player variant: Gain 1 energy instead of points when you start your turn in and enter Tokyo.