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Construct 3 Megaliths first


On your turn, take 1 of 3 actions, then check for transformation

Each action is actually two different actions, however only one of the versions is available at any one time

When you pick an action tile, apply its effect, then flip the tile to the alternative version

The three actions in short are: Add a Shaman, Move a Shaman, Jump a Shaman

Add a Shaman from your Village to the first row Totem of either White or Black depending on the side (if an opponent Shaman is on the space, banish them then move in)

Move a Shaman from the playing area one space either orthogonally or diagonally depending on the side

Jump a Shaman over another Shaman to the space the other side of it, either your own or your opponent's depending on the side


After taking your main action, check for Transformation

If the Shaman you used this turn creates the sequence presented, you may have a transformation

In other words, you can't transform just because the new required sequence happens to match something historically created by chance

In addition, you cannot be the victim of a transformation during your own turn, even if you create the unfavourable sequence

The Transformation tile works in a similar way to the action tiles, in so far as there are two versions on either side of the tile and when activated, the tile flips to the other version

If you create three in a line with either the end or middle Shaman, depending on the side, being an opponent Shaman and the other two belonging to yourself, the opponent Shaman is banished and you create a Megalith


Regardless of how a banishment effect comes into play, the banished Shaman is put back in its owners village ready to come out again later


There are two ways to make a megalith, either through Transformation or by moving one of your Shaman into the opponent's village

In Transformation, the opponent's Shaman goes back to their village and a Megalith is placed on the space of banishment

During movement, your Shaman goes back to your village and a Megalith is placed on the space it was on just before it moved into the opponent Village

There are always two megaliths to choose from and you then advance on your score track

Once a space contains a Megalith, it can still be moved through and so on, but cannot be re-built on and so you can't re-use the same space to cause megaliths. However, you can still banish opponent Shaman and leave the board via that space.

When a Shaman moves onto a space containing a Megalith, voluntarily or not, the Megalith activates for that Shaman and carries out its effect

End of Game

The game ends in two ways

You immediately win if you construct your third Megalith

You immediately lose if you cannot take any of the actions offered