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Over 4 rounds, manipulate the waves in order to empty your hand the fastest


First off, all players pick 2 cards to play facedown in front of them

After which, on each players turn they can either: Follow, Turn, Bomb, or Pass

Follow - For this, a player can play either a single card or 2 to 4 cards which form either a set or run. If there are no cards out already, the player is free to play anything which falls into those categories. If there are already cards out, the player needs to play cards of the same type (single/set/run) and either higher or lower than what was before depending on if the Tide is shown as High tide or Low tide. A player can use one of their facedown cards as a wild.

Turn - For this, first check if the Status card is on the Allowed or Blocked side, if it is Blocked then this action CANNOT be taken. If it is Allowed, pick one of your facedown Wild cards, reveal its value to the table, then take it into your hand. After which, turn both the Status card and the Tide card over, so now Status shows Blocked and the Tide is changed from High to Low or Low to High. You can now perform a bonus Follow action, but CANNOT play a wild.

Bomb - For this, check the current Bomb card, this shows what combination can be played regardless of what is in play. Rather than playing a Follow combination, you may instead play the combination displayed on the Bomb. After which, the next player that Follows has to now following the new combination created by your Bomb. Wilds can be used in the creation of a Bomb.

Pass - If you can not or do not wish to do any of the above actions, you can instead Pass. Flip your Participation card to the Out side and you no longer participate this Trick.

Trick End

A trick ends when all but one player have Passed, that final player wins the trick

Participation cards are flipped back to the In side

The Status card is turned to the Allowed side

IF a Bomb was played, retire the current bomb to the end of the Bomb deck to reveal a new Bomb

The winner of that trick starts the next trick


The bombs cycle in the following order

Same Suit Sequence Size 2

2 Cards of the same Value

Same Suit Sequence Size 3

3 Cards of the same Value

Same Suit Sequence Size 4

4 Cards of the same Value

(when the last Bomb type is revealed and it gets put to the end of the deck, the next one WILL be "Same Suit Sequence Size 2" to start the order off again)

Round End

The round ends as soon as a player runs out of hand cards (they may still have Wilds in front of them)

The player who ran out of cards scores 3 points

The remaining players lose points as follows

3 Points lost per remaining Wild

3 Points lost per card held of value 1 or 15

2 Points lost per card held of value 2-4 &/or 12-14

1 Point lost per card held of value 5-11

The cards themselves have dots on them to show how many points will be lost if holding that card

The player with the lowest score starts the next round

Game End

The game ends after 4 Rounds

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, the player who emptied their hand the most times, wins!