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Game Overview

Turn Order

  1. The First Player rolls the dice.
  2. They choose and remove one die and write the number into one of the valid boxes for any sport.
  3. The player on their right chooses a die from the remaining dice and writes the number into one of the valid boxes for any sport.
  4. This is repeated until the first player chooses a second die.
  5. The player on the right of the first player becomes the first player for the next round.

If a player cannot write a number on their game sheet, they must pass and the game is now over for them.


Each player has 3 coaches which they can use before they choose a die.

  1. Re-Roll - This re-rolls all the dice that are left in the dice pool.
  2. Flip a Die - This changes the selected die to the number on the opposite side (eg from a 6 to 1).
  3. Add 1 to a Die - This increases the selected die's value by 1.

Game End

Once all players have passed the game is over and medals are then awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each sport. Each medal is worth Victory Points (gold is 5 points, silver is 3 points and bronze is 1 point). The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

(Quick Mode Option)

If Quick Mode is activated when the table is created, the turn order is handled differently. Quick Mode means that every player rolls 6 dice and chooses one from these dice. They then pass the remaining dice to next player. This will be repeated to the end of available dice, then every player rolls again. This will be repeated 7 times, then the game is over.

Sports Overview

Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing is a race to the top. On their turn players may cross off the lowest number on the climbing wall. The first player to cross off the 6 is the winner. If the game ends with nobody reaching the top, whoever made it the furthest wins.


In Golf players must complete the course using the fewest dice. To complete a hole the sum of the dice used must add up to greater than or equal to the number in the flag. Holes must be completed in order. The winner is whoever finished the course with the least amount of dice used. In case of a tie, lowest sum of dice wins.

In the case no player finished the course, the player with more holes completed is considered the winner.


In rowing, each rowboat must have a matching pair (top and bottom). Players must also complete the first boat before filling in the next boat. At the end of the game the highest total from completed boats wins. In case of a tie, the least boats used wins.


In Hurdles the sheet must be filled from left to right. Any dice over hurdles must be greater than 3. The course must be filled to score. Lowest total sum wins.


Skateboarding is made up of 3 different tricks. You may begin filling in any trick you wish and they don't need to be completely filled to score. Highest total wins.

Kickflip - Muiltply both numbers.

Frontside 5-0 Grind - Numbers must be in consecutive descending order (e.g. 5 - 4 - 3) Starting from the left.

Handplant - All numbers must be equal.

Triple Jump

In the Triple Jump, players start by filling in the first 3 numbers. These must be in consecutive ascending order (e.g. 4 - 5 - 6). The following numbers must be equal.

Score by mulitplying the 3rd box (x) by number of equal dice. In case of a tie, highest number in equal box wins. It is not required to completely fill all boxes to score.

Solo Variant

In the Solo variant, you will roll two dice and write them one at a time on your score sheet. Earning medals in each sport is dependent on your performance.

Sport Climbing

Gold Medal: Complete the course in 16 dice or less.

Silver Medal: Complete the course in between 17 and 26 dice.

Bronze Medal: Complete the course in 27 dice or more.


Gold Medal: Complete all three holes in 6 dice.

Silver Medal: Complete all three holes in 7, 8 or 9 dice.

Bronze Medal: Complete all three holes in 10 dice.


Gold Medal: Score 32 points or more.

Silver Medal: Score between 26 and 31 points.

Bronze Medal: Score between 20 and 25 points.


Gold Medal: Score 16 points.

Silver Medal: Score 17 or 18 points.

Bronze Medal: Score between 19 and 22 points.


Gold Medal: Score 55 points or more.

Silver Medal: Score beween 45 and 54 points.

Bronze Medal: Score between 35 and 44 points.

Triple Jump

Gold Medal: Score 24 or more points.

Silver Medal: Score between 16 and 23 points.

Bronze Medal: Score between 9 and 15 points.