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  • There are 6 stacks of 6 cards with 2 players, 9 stacks of 4 cards with 3 or 4 players, and 12 stacks of 3 with 5 players. The rest are removed from the game.
  • There is also the joker (15 points, 5 of a kind) and the white bonus dice.
  • Each player has 5 dice.


  • At the start of your turn, if any of your dice are on cards or next to the bonus dice, you gain those cards and dice.
  • If this is the first turn of the game, roll 3 dice. If this is the second turn, roll 4 dice. Otherwise roll all 5 dice. You may reroll any of the dice twice.
  • After rolling, you can place your dice on any cards with a matching combination. Each dice can be used for only one combination.
  • If you roll a combination with a larger total than that of the dice on a card, you can bump those dice and replace them with yours.
  • The bonus dice requires no combination and dice can be placed next to it like cards. If you claim the bonus dice, roll it like other dice.
  • You can replace one of your dice with the value of the bonus dice when claiming, but you cannot use the bonus dice in combinations. After a turn with a bonus dice, place it back in the centre.
  • The bonus dice can’t be claimed and used two turns in a row. You won’t be able to reserve any unused dice on a turn where you have the bonus dice.

End of the Game

  • If a stack becomes empty (not the joker), or 2 stacks with 5 players, the game ends.
  • Each player claims all cards and the bonus dice as if they were at the start of their turn.
  • Each card is worth the points on the card. If you have the bonus dice, roll it and score its value as points.
  • Each card has a colour (red, yellow, blue or black). If you have 2 or more cards of a colour, score 1 point for the first card, 2 points for the second, and so on.
  • The player with the most points wins.