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Secretly choose dice and take turns rolling to catch fish. Roll fewer dice to go first of roll more to hook a bigger fish -- just hope they aren't all caught before your turn.


The game is played in several rounds. Each round is divided into 3 steps:

1. Splash: Reveal 3 (or 2 in 2-3 players game) fish.

2. Cast: Each player chooses any number of dice and lures simultaneously.

3. Fish: Each player takes a turn to roll and catch fish according to the number of dice they have chosen, from fewest to most. If more than 1 player reveals the same number of dice, they roll together.

Roll and Catch Fish

1. Roll your dice and optionally use any adjust lures you played.

2. You can catch a fish if your roll adds up to at least its catch number and meets any requirement it has. Catch those fish into your score pile facedown.

3. If you caught at least 1 fish, place all boost lures you played near your score pile

4. Discard the rest of the lures. If you caught no fish, draw 1 lure.

5. Place any special dice you rolled in front of your screen.

Rolling Together: Players who reveal the same number of dice roll at the same time. If they can both catch a fish, the player with the lower total gets it. If tied, no one gets it (leave it in the middle).


You can use lures you reveal with your dice (not lures you kept). Discarded lures are placed in the discard pile and only shuffle when draw pile runs out.

There are 3 kinds of Lures:

- Adjust: Adjust a die number up or down by 1, never beyond its highest or lowest number. You can adjust a die with multiple lures. You cannot adjust any dice once you catch a fish.

- Extra Die: Add the shown number to your roll and treat it like a die for catch requirements. It does not count as a die for turn order and cannot be adjusted.

- Boost: Score 2VP if you catch any fish. Catching 1 fish scores all boosts.

Special Dice

Each special die you roll can meet catch requirements like a normal die. After fishing, you must place it in front of your screen to shown you cannot use it again for 1 round. Return it on your next round.

Run out of fish

If the last faceup fish is caught, everyone who hasn't rolled yet discards all lures they played and draws 1 lure. Then return their dice (special dice still go in front).

End of game

When the last fish is drawn from the deck, finish the current round then end the game. Each player scores VPs on all fish and boosts in their score pile. The player with the Most VP wins.

In case of a tie, the tied player with the fewest fish wins. Share the win if there's still a tie.