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The players are trying to obtain the best control over the neutral pieces on the map, once all players take the negotiate action consecutively, the game ends


A colour has control of a space if it either has clear majority OR it ties and has majority on the AXE space OR it ties on the space and AXE space but has majority on the FLAG space


On your turn, you can take one of the four actions:

Recruit Place a stone from your hand onto a normal space in the map
Battle Place a stone from your hand onto the AXE space and pick a normal space, each stone of that colour then attacks and kills one other stone of a different colour of your choice e.g. in a space there are 3 blues, a black and 2 reds, you place a red on the AXE space and pick this particular normal space, so can kill (remove) up to 2 non-reds as there are 2 reds present, this can be 2 blues, or 1 blue and the 1 black
March Place a stone from your hand onto the FLAG space then pick an a normal space, 1 or more matching stones from that space can move to one adjacent space, but cannot be split up i.e. only 2 areas will be affected, the start and the end
Negotiate Take a stone out of the bag and put a stone back, this can be the same or different, you take secretly but return viewable to all. If there is a full round where every player has Negotiated in turn, the game ends.


Once a round of Negotiation has ended the game, first figure out which colour has won:

• The colour with control over the most normal spaces wins.
• If tied, compare the tied colours first with the AXE space then the FLAG space to break the tie.
• If still tied, no colour wins, and the game instead ends at this point in a tie.

Whoever holds the most pieces of the winning colour in their hand is the winning player. If tied, compare stones from the other two losing colours (i.e. the ones in 2nd and 3rd place) and the player who holds the least losers wins. If still tied, turn order determines the winner.