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24/7: The Rules


Score minutes (i.e., points) by laying tiles one at a time to create scoring combinations. The winner is the player with the most minutes at the end of the game.

Setup: Punching In

One tile is drawn and placed at the starting space on the board. Three tiles are removed from the game. A hand of tiles (6 for 2 players, 5 for 3 or 4 players) is drawn for each player. Note: The tiles are numbered 1 to 10. Four copies of each tile make up the initial pool of tiles.

Playing: Starting the Clock

On your turn, place a tile adjacent to any tile on the board. This new tile forms one or more lines of tiles that are horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The sum of the tiles in each line can never exceed 24. After playing a tile, combinations are scored, a new tile is drawn and play continues with the next player.

Scoring: Making Time

Score minutes (i.e., points) when you complete one (or more) of the following scoring combinations:

Combination Score
7 (Sum of 7, all tiles) 20 minutes
Run of 3 tiles 30 minutes
24 (Sum of 24, all tiles) 40 minutes
Run of 4 tiles 40 minutes
Set of 3 (3 of a kind) 50 minutes
Run of 5 tiles 50 minutes
Set of 4 (4 of a kind) 60 minutes
Run of 6 tiles 60 minutes
Bonus 60 minutes

In the examples that follow, the highlighted tile was played causing the scoring combination to occur.

Sums of 7 or 24

All adjacent tiles in the same line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) sum to 7 or 24. To score a 7, you must have 2 or more tiles in the line!

Runs and Sets

The scoring tiles in runs OR sets must be adjacent within the same line and include the tile you played. Other non-scoring tiles may be in the line as long as sum of the line does not exceed 24. To score a run, the tiles must be sequential, increasing or decreasing.

Bonus: Overtime

Additional scoring possibilities for the crafty player!


If you create a sum of 24 in one line and a sum of 7 in a different line when you play a tile, 60 bonus minutes are scored in addition to the minutes scored for the 7 and the 24.

24 in 7 Tiles

If you create a sum of 24 by laying the seventh tile in a line, 60 bonus minutes are scored in addition to the minutes scored for creating the 24.

Double Time

When you play a tile on a 2x space AND create one (or more) scoring combination(s), the minutes are doubled!

Unplayable Spaces: Out of Time

Whenever you create a sum of 24, the spaces at each end of that line of tiles are Out of Time and may not be used for play. Time Out markers are placed in these spaces. If playing on a space would cause the sum of the adjacent tiles to exceed 24, that space is also Out of Time and is marked with a Time Out marker.

Game End: Punching the Clock

The game ends when any of the following occurs: 1) all players have run out of tiles; 2) no open spaces exist on the board; or 3) no legal plays remain for any player. The finish order and final scores are displayed.

Winning: Happy Hour

The player with the most minutes wins. If there is a tie and tiles remain, the player with the fewest tiles wins. If there is still a tie, play again!