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This game has 2 versions, 2 player and 3+ player, each play DIFFERENTLY

On a 2 player game, you are trying to guess the tiles of your opponent

In a 3+ player game, you are trying to guess the undistributed tiles

All codes are arranged in ascending order. When there are two identical digits of different colors, the black one will be on the left.


On your turn, you have two options:

1 ) Ask a question from the available pool

On 2 and 3 players, only your opponents answer

On 4 players, you also give your answer

2 ) Guess the code

If you guess incorrectly in a 2-player game, your turn ends and play continues as normal. If you guess incorrectly in a 3+ player game, you are out of the game and lose. If everyone guesses incorrectly, there is no winner.

If you guess correctly, the remainder of the round continues to give all players equal turns then everyone who guessed correctly at the end of that round is an equal winner

NOTE: Although there are multiple versions of this game, this adaptation uses the version whereby you may only guess during your turn NOT out of turn


The white board is your notepad in essence and is made up of multiple areas.

If added in the options (recommended) the game will auto-fill 100% known info (e.g. if the question was "where is number 8", as opposed to "do you have an even number" which is vague and you have to figure out yourself)

You can click on any large white space and, similar to Sudoku, a box will come up with a keypad of theory numbers (multiple can be selected) which appear as small notes as to what you think is in each space. (e.g. 7 will appear at top left and 9 will appear at top right, so if you're not sure if it's 7 OR 9 you can pencil in both numbers)

The lower part of the white space has the three colours, you can cross or tick these to show whether you think it's a certain colour, you can tick and cross multiple e.g. tick black and white whilst crossing green

Above the other players boxes is an area with every number in the game, you can use this to cross numbers off as you disqualify them

To the right of this is a representation of the final answer, this is NOT the guessing area, but can be used to formulate what you think the final answer is in theory