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The players are cowboys facing one another in a duel. The game plays out in a number of rounds which each consist of a number of duels in which both players place a card with a value that will beat the opponents.

The Rounds

  • There are 3 rounds.
  • In each round, each player takes 9 cards and discards 2.
  • In the first round, there are 6 duels.
  • In the second round, there are 5.
  • In the third round, there are 4.

Turn Sequence

  • The players secretly pick a card which is placed in front of them simultaneously.
  • You may not place a card of an immediately higher (+1) value than you previously played.
  • This represents one duel and the winner will receive a certain amount of gold to be outlined below.

End of a Round

  • The round ends when all but 1 cards have been played.
  • The person with the most gold wins the round.
  • The players take back the cards they have played and the following round is played with one less duel.
  • The first person to win two or three rounds wins the game.

Winning and Scoring a Duel

  • The highest card wins the duel if the difference between the cards is no more than 3.
  • The lowest card wins the duel if the difference is more than 3.
  • Equal cards is a tie. Nobody wins and 2 gold is placed between the cards.
  • The winner of the duel scores as much gold as the difference between the cards
  • The numbers you will win and lose against are displayed on the card.

Special Cards

  • 6: If you are the first to play the 6 then you may take all gold from tied duels.
  • 7(pink): The round finished if this is at least the 3rd duel.
  • 7(green): Each duel won in this round earns you 1 gold, starting from the next round.
  • 8(pink): If your opponent plays a 1 against this card, you win 3 gold.
  • 8(green): Take back a discarded card and show it to your opponent. Discard 2 cards at the end of this round.
  • Dynamite: Wins against 1-4 but loses against 5-8. The winner of a duel with dynamite gets 3 gold.
  • Other cards will enable you play special actions, such as taking back discarded cards, as printed on the card.