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For tips on how to play meadow, see Tips_meadow

Game play

  1. Each player owns 2 stone colours. To start, Player 1 places one stone of either of their colours on any empty space.
  2. From then on, starting with Player 2, the players take turns. On your turn, you must place 1 or 2 stones on any empty spaces.
    • If you place 2 stones, they must be different colours.
  3. After you place your stone(s), capture all smothered enemy groups, and then capture all overgrown enemy groups.
  4. The first player to have captured X enemy stones wins.



  • A group is an entire group of connected stones on the board of the same colour.
  • A single stone (unconnected to others of the same colour) is also a group.


  • A group is overgrown when it has more than 5 stones in it.


  • A group is smothered when there are no empty spaces adjacent to any of its stones.